Deformmiddle example sentences

Related (5): deform, middle, warped, crooked, distorted


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form (noun) · forms (plural noun)

  - the visible shape or configuration of something:

  - arrangement of parts; shape:

  - the body or shape of a person or animal:

  - arrangement and style in literary or musical composition:

  - a particular way in which a thing exists or appears; a manifestation:

  - any of the ways in which a word may be spelled, pronounced, or inflected:

  - the structure of a word, phrase, sentence, or discourse:

  - the essential nature of a species or thing, especially (in Plato's thought) regarded as an abstract ideal which real things imitate or participate in.

  - a type or variety of something:

  - an artistic or literary genre:

  - a taxonomic category that ranks below variety, which contains organisms differing from the typical kind in some trivial, frequently impermanent, character, e.g. a color variant. Compare with subspecies and variety

  - the customary or correct method or procedure; what is usually done:

  - a formality or item of mere ceremony:

  - a set order of words; a formula:

  - a mold, frame, or block in or on which something is shaped.

  - a temporary structure for holding fresh concrete in shape while it sets.

  - a printed document with blank spaces for information to be inserted:

  - a class or year in a school, usually given a specifying number:

  - the state of an athlete or sports team with regard to their current standard of performance:

  - details of previous performances by a racehorse or greyhound:

  - a long bench without a back.

  - variant spelling of forme

  - a hare's lair.

  - bring together parts or combine to create (something):

  - organize people or things into (a group or body):

  - go to make up or constitute:

  - gradually appear or develop:

  - conceive (an idea or plan) in one's mind:

  - enter into or contract (a relationship):

  - articulate (a word, speech sound, or other linguistic unit).

  - construct (a new word) by derivation or inflection.

  - make or fashion into a certain shape or form:

  - have a specified shape:

  - be made or fashioned into a certain shape or form:

  - shape or develop by training or discipline.

  - influence or shape (something abstract):


[fôːm] ✕ Play

  - having the form of:

  - having a particular number of:


shape, configuration, formation, conformation, structure, construction, arrangement, disposition, appearance, exterior, contours, lines, outline, silhouette, profile, design, format, cut, pattern, mold, body, shape, figure, silhouette, proportions, stature, build, frame, physique, anatomy, structure, arrangement, construction, framework, format, layout, design, organization, system, planning, order, orderliness, symmetry, proportion, content, manifestation, appearance, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, shape, guise, character, description, expression, kind, sort, type, order, class, classification, category, variety, genre, brand, style, species, genus, family, generation, breed, strain, denomination, phylum, subspecies, variety, etiquette, custom, usage, use, habit, wont, protocol, procedure, rules, convention, tradition, fashion, style, routine, ritual, pattern, regimen, policy, method, system, way, rule, formula, praxis, manners, rule, regulation, convention, ritual, custom, bureaucracy, paperwork, punctilio, protocol, questionnaire, document, coupon, paper, report, return, record, class, year, set, stream, band, grade, fitness, condition, fettle, shape, trim, health, bench, pew, settle, stall, forme, lair, den, drey, lodge, burrow, set, devise, establish, found, launch, float, create, organize, institute, start, begin, initiate, inaugurate, arrange, assemble, sort, order, range, array, dispose, marshal, deploy, gather, group, place, position, rank, grade, abolish, dissolve, comprise, make, constitute, compose, represent, embody, materialize, crystallize, emerge, develop, appear, loom, disappear, formulate, devise, conceive, prepare, lay, produce, fashion, concoct, construct, frame, forge, hatch, develop, organize, make, fashion, shape, model, mold, forge, found, cast, sculpt, hew, carve, construct, build, manufacture, fabricate, assemble, create, produce, concoct, devise, contrive, frame, develop, mold, shape, train, teach, instruct, educate, school, tutor, coach, groom, drill, discipline, prime, prepare, guide, direct, inform, verse, enlighten, inculcate, indoctrinate, edify, cultivate, improve, better, uplift, elevate

"Deformmiddle" Example Sentences

1. The pottery was ruined due to a deformmiddle that occurred during the firing process.
2. She shook her head, trying to erase the deformmiddle from her vision.
3. The athlete suffered a deformmiddle to his foot during the game.
4. The deformmiddle in the cake made it difficult to cut and serve.
5. They had to replace the entire wall due to a deformmiddle in the foundation.
6. The dress had a deformmiddle in the middle, making it unflattering on the wearer.
7. The artist intentionally added a deformmiddle to the sculpture for artistic effect.
8. The car was totaled due to a deformmiddle in the frame from the accident.
9. A deformmiddle in the metal caused the machinery to malfunction.
10. The building had to be evacuated due to a deformmiddle in the elevator shaft.
11. The snowman had a deformmiddle in his middle section, making him look lopsided.
12. The deformmiddle in the dough caused the bread to come out misshapen.
13. The painting had a deformmiddle where the colors had smeared together.
14. The surgeon corrected the deformmiddle in the patient's nose.
15. The stain on the shirt created a deformmiddle in the fabric.
16. The carpet had a deformmiddle in the center where it had been folded for too long.
17. The tree had a deformmiddle in the trunk due to a lightning strike.
18. The gymnast suffered a deformmiddle in her ankle during practice.
19. The bridge collapsed due to a deformmiddle in one of the support beams.
20. The deformmiddle in his back caused him constant pain.
21. The airplane experienced a deformmiddle mid-flight, causing a rough landing.
22. The sculpture had a deformmiddle where the artist had accidentally dropped a tool.
23. The dress had a deformmiddle in the zipper, making it difficult to close.
24. The basketball had a deformmiddle, making it difficult to dribble.
25. The fence had a deformmiddle where a tree had fallen onto it during a storm.
26. The deformmiddle in the roller coaster track caused a car to derail.
27. The shoe had a deformmiddle in the sole, making it uncomfortable to walk in.
28. The deformmiddle in the vase made it fragile and prone to breaking.
29. The guitar had a deformmiddle in the neck, causing it to go out of tune easily.
30. The building was condemned due to a deformmiddle in the foundation that made it unsafe to inhabit.

Common Phases

1. The deformmiddle of the bridge caused it to collapse;
2. The deformmiddle of the tire led to a blowout on the highway;
3. The deformmiddle of the plastic bottle made it impossible to open;
4. The deformmiddle of the metal rod weakened its structural integrity;
5. The deformmiddle of the fabric created an unsightly wrinkle.

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