Defrayments example sentences

Related (10): payments, expenses, disbursements, outlays, costs, bills, expenditures, charges, fees, overheads


[dəˈfrāmənt] ✕ Play

  - noun form of defray


[dəˈfrā] ✕ Play

defray (verb) · defrays (third person present) · defrayed (past tense) · defrayed (past participle) · defraying (present participle)

  - provide money to pay (a cost or expense):


defray, cover, meet, square, settle, clear, discharge, liquidate

"Defrayments" Example Sentences

1. Defrayments for the project were made in installments.
2. The company budgeted for defrayments in advance.
3. We were able to defray some of the costs through donations.
4. The defrayments were higher than anticipated due to unforeseen expenses.
5. The committee approved the defrayments for the event.
6. The defrayments were necessary to complete the renovation project.
7. We need to review the defrayments to ensure accuracy.
8. The defrayments were split between several different departments.
9. The government is considering defrayments for small businesses affected by the pandemic.
10. We received defrayments from the sponsors of the event.
11. The defrayments were delayed due to a clerical error.
12. There was a dispute over the defrayments for the project.
13. The company struggled to make defrayments on time.
14. The defrayments were made using company funds.
15. We need to track the defrayments for our records.
16. The defrayments for the conference were covered by registration fees.
17. The defrayments for the construction project were split between the contractors and the client.
18. We need to request defrayments from the sponsor to cover the costs.
19. The defrayments for the expenses were approved by the finance department.
20. We were able to negotiate lower defrayments for the advertising campaign.
21. The defrayments for the medical bills were covered by insurance.
22. We were surprised by the high defrayments for the software development.
23. The defrayments for the project were taken from the company's reserve funds.
24. The organization is seeking defrayments to support its mission.
25. We need to allocate budget for the defrayments in the upcoming quarter.
26. The defrayments for the training program were paid in full by the employees.
27. The defrayments for the event were split between the hosts and the participants.
28. The company is struggling to make defrayments due to financial difficulties.
29. We need to cut costs in order to afford the necessary defrayments.
30. The government provided defrayments to the families affected by the natural disaster.

Common Phases

1. The company made regular defrayments to its suppliers; this helped maintain a good relationship between them.
2. The annual defrayments for health insurance can be costly for some families; fortunately, there are options for financial assistance.
3. The government's defrayments of education expenses have resulted in more students graduating and entering the workforce; this boosts the economy.
4. The non-profit organization relies heavily on charitable donations and defrayments from grants; this allows them to carry out their mission.
5. The landlord required monthly defrayments from the tenant to cover utilities; this was stated clearly in the rental agreement.
6. The construction project required multiple defrayments throughout the process; this helped ensure timely completion and payment to contractors.
7. The lender provided a loan with flexible defrayment options; this made it easier for the borrower to make payments on time.

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