Defrocking example sentences

Related (3): banning, disqualifying, dismissing

"Defrocking" Example Sentences

1. The priest was found guilty of sexual misconduct and was subsequently defrocked.
2. His actions were deemed inappropriate and the consequences were inevitable: he was defrocked.
3. After a lengthy investigation, it was decided that the bishop should be defrocked for embezzlement.
4. The defrocking of the former pastor sent shock waves through the community.
5. He was warned multiple times but continued to act outside of his vows, resulting in his defrocking.
6. The defrocking of the disgraced priest was an important step towards justice.
7. The decision to defrock the priest was not taken lightly and was only made after a thorough investigation.
8. The Church has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual misconduct and as a result, defrocking is often the consequence.
9. He was given a chance to make amends but failed to do so, leading to his defrocking.
10. The Archbishop was criticized for waiting so long to order the defrocking of the priest accused of child abuse.
11. The defrocking of the minister was the result of a bureaucratic error that had been overlooked for years.
12. Despite his claims of innocence, the priest was defrocked and lost his reputation.
13. The level of disappointment felt by the community after the defrocking of their beloved pastor was palpable.
14. Many were shocked by the news of the defrocking of the local priest, who had always been popular in the area.
15. He was offered counseling and support but refused the help, leading to his defrocking.
16. The defrocking of the controversial pastor was the result of years of complaints from the congregation.
17. The Church has been criticized for not taking more decisive action in the defrocking of abusive priests.
18. The deacon's repeated offenses contributed to his ultimate defrocking.
19. The news of the defrocking came as a shock to his friends and family.
20. The archdiocese finally made the difficult decision to defrock the priest accused of embezzlement.
21. Defrocking is a rare but necessary punishment for those who betray the trust of their congregations.
22. The defrocking of the bishop was a long-awaited victory for his many victims.
23. Despite his protests, the Church had no choice but to carry out the defrocking of the priest.
24. The priest's defrocking caused a rift in the community, with some members vowing never to attend church again.
25. A formal investigation was launched, ultimately leading to the defrocking of the pastor accused of misconduct.
26. The defrocking of the pastor may have been a shock, but it was necessary to preserve the integrity of the Church.
27. He had a long history of problematic behavior and the defrocking was the only way to protect his parishioners.
28. The defrocking of the priest was seen as a necessary step for the Church to begin healing.
29. The archbishop publicly apologized for the mistakes that led to the defrocking of the priest.
30. Despite efforts to keep the news quiet, the defrocking of the popular pastor became widely known in the community.

Common Phases

1. The bishop faced defrocking for his involvement in the scandal;
2. The priest was defrocked for breaking his sacred vows;
3. The pastor's defrocking came as a shock to the congregation;
4. The church committee recommended defrocking the minister for his unethical behavior;
5. The archbishop initiated proceedings to defrock the offending clergyman.

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