Defrosted example sentences

Related (6): melting, thawing, unfreezing, deicing, softening, dissolving


[dəˈfrôst, dəˈfräst] ✕ Play

defrosted (past tense) · defrosted (past participle)

  - free (the interior of a refrigerator or freezer) of accumulated ice, usually by turning it off for a period.

  - (of a refrigerator or freezer) become free of accumulated ice, usually by being turned off for a period:

  - thaw (frozen food) before cooking it:

  - remove frost or ice from (the windshield of a motor vehicle).


liquefy, thaw, unfreeze, soften, run, flux, fuse, render, clarify, dissolve, deliquesce

"Defrosted" Example Sentences

1. I defrosted the chicken in the microwave before cooking it.
2. The car windows have defrosted thanks to the warm sun.
3. The fridge defrosted overnight and leaked water on the kitchen floor.
4. We forgot to defrost the bread before making sandwiches.
5. The snow on the driveway finally defrosted after several days of sunshine.
6. I defrosted the freezer to remove the ice buildup.
7. The frozen vegetables will need to be defrosted before they can be cooked.
8. The windshield wipers helped to defrost the icy windshield on the car.
9. The ice cream has defrosted and needs to be eaten quickly.
10. The meat defrosted too quickly and became partially cooked before we could use it.
11. I need to defrost the fish before grilling it for dinner.
12. The frozen pipes in the house had to be defrosted before we could use the water again.
13. The fridge defrosted during the power outage and spoiled all the food.
14. The icy roads began to defrost after the salt was spread.
15. The frozen pizza will take longer to cook if it's not defrosted first.
16. The snowman defrosted quickly in the warm sun.
17. The frozen berries will taste better if they're defrosted first.
18. The car's engine wouldn't start until the frozen fuel lines were defrosted.
19. I need to remind myself to defrost the fridge before it gets too iced over.
20. The frozen lake began to defrost as the temperature rose.
21. The ice on the sidewalk defrosted after a few hours in the sun.
22. The chicken defrosted faster than I expected.
23. The windshield defroster helped to clear the fog from the car's windows.
24. We defrosted the ice cream in the sink with warm water.
25. The frozen hamburger meat needs to be defrosted before it can be grilled.
26. The snow on the roof defrosted and caused icicles to form.
27. The pastry dough needs to be defrosted in the fridge overnight.
28. The frozen fruit smoothie can be made quickly if the fruit is defrosted first.
29. The water in the fish tank became too cold and the fish defrosted.
30. The frozen shrimp needs to be defrosted before adding it to the soup.

Common Phases

1. The meat is defrosted and ready to cook;
2. I forgot to defrost the chicken for dinner;
3. The freezer needs to be defrosted;
4. I defrosted the bread in the microwave;
5. The ice cream has defrosted and needs to be put back in the freezer;
6. The windshield has defrosted and I can finally see while driving;
7. The frozen vegetables have defrosted and need to be used soon;
8. The fridge defrosted overnight and made a mess on the floor;
9. The fish defrosted too quickly and needs to be cooked immediately;
10. I defrosted the soup for lunch.

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