Defrosting example sentences

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"Defrosting" Example Sentences

1. The fridge needs defrosting because it's starting to get frosty.
2. I always forget to defrost the chicken before cooking it.
3. We had to cancel dinner plans because the freezer was defrosting.
4. I left the steak out on the counter to defrost.
5. The defrosting process can take a few hours, so plan ahead.
6. The car windshield is defrosting quickly with the heat turned up high.
7. Don't forget to defrost the bread before making toast.
8. I hate defrosting the freezer because it's a messy job.
9. The defrosting cycle on the microwave is really helpful for last-minute cooking.
10. I put the frozen peas in the sink to start defrosting.
11. The fridge is making a strange noise during the defrosting cycle.
12. The instructions say to defrost the shrimp in cold water.
13. The defrosting function on my toaster is broken, so I have to defrost bread manually.
14. The fridge defrosting tray is overflowing with water.
15. I defrosted some chicken last night for dinner tonight.
16. The defrosting process can cause the food to lose some of its quality.
17. It's important to defrost the freezer regularly to prevent ice buildup.
18. I'm defrosting some fish for tomorrow's dinner.
19. The window is defrosting slowly in the cold weather.
20. You can defrost frozen fruit quickly by running it under warm water.
21. I forgot to defrost the waffles before putting them in the toaster.
22. The car defrosting system doesn't work very well in extreme cold.
23. We need to defrost the freezer before the ice takes over.
24. The defrosting button on my microwave is one of my most-used features.
25. The supermarket sells pre-defrosted shrimp for quick meals.
26. The chicken is still frozen solid even after defrosting it for hours.
27. I need to defrost the freezer before I can fit any more food in it.
28. The winter morning was cold, and the car windshield needed some defrosting.
29. I put some bread in the toaster after defrosting it, and it came out perfectly.
30. The smoothie tasted watery because the fruit wasn't properly defrosted.

Common Phases

1. It's time to start defrosting the chicken; take it out of the freezer.
2. I need to defrost my car before I can leave for work; it's covered in ice.
3. The freezer is starting to get frosty; we should defrost it soon.
4. I forgot to defrost the bread for breakfast; it's still frozen solid.
5. Be sure to defrost the fish before you cook it; it will cook more evenly.
6. I left the fridge door open overnight, now I need to defrost it; the ice is blocking the shelves.
7. Let's defrost the frozen vegetables in the microwave; they'll be ready in a few minutes.
8. We should defrost the ice cream before we serve it; it will be easier to scoop.
9. The windshield is completely frozen; we'll have to defrost it before we can drive.
10. I always defrost my leftovers before I reheat them; it's safer and they taste better.

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