Dimness example sentences

Related (11): faintness, obscurity, murkiness, haziness, darkness, gloom, shadowiness, duskiness, indistinctness, opacity, vagueness

"Dimness" Example Sentences

1. The dimness of the room made it hard to see.
2. The lamp provided little relief from the room's dimness.
3. As their eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cave, they could make out shadows of stalactites on the walls.
4. They wandered through the dimness cautiously, unsure of what lay ahead.
5. After being outside in the bright sunlight, the shop's dimness was nearly impenetrable.
6. The dimness seemed to stretch on endlessly, enveloping everything in a shroud of gloom.
7. They crept through the dimness, not knowing if dangers awaited them around each corner.
8. The sudden switch from bright lights to the dimness of the movie theater made it hard to see the screen at first.
9. The dimness accentuated the blurriness of her vision, making it difficult to read the street signs.
10. The heavy clouds blocked out most of the daylight, casting the room in an eerie dimness.
11. With her eyes still sensitive from the sunlight outside, she had to let them adjust to the dimness of the bookstore.
12. The dimness seemed to distort his sense of time, making the minutes feel like hours.
13. As the sun set, the dimness crept into every corner of the room announcing the end of another day.
14. They sat in the dimness, reminiscing about fond memories by the faint light of a few candles.
15. The dimness of the theater encouraged patrons to focus on the moving images emanating from the screen.
16. Her vision slowly began to adjust to the dimness of the early morning hour.
17. The underground passageway was filled with an almost impenetrable dimness.
18. The thick fog spread a layer of dimness over the normally cheerful town.
19. They lost track of time as they chatted in the comfortable dimness of the den.
20. The person in the corner escaped her notice at first thanks to the dimness of the unlit room.
21. The dimness seemed alive and menacing, ready to snatch her up at any moment.
22. She hesitated at the doorway, unsure whether to continue into the dimness beyond.
23. Gradually, her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the theater as the movie began.
24. The light from her phone provided little relief from the imposing dimness of the long tunnel.
25. Her eyes began to play tricks on her in the thickening dimness.
26. As the candles burned low, their light left most of the room shrouded in dimness.
27. Their journey was made in almost total dimness with only rough lanterns to light their way.
28. The dimness made it hard to recall exactly what happened last night.
29. The dimness only heightened her unease, putting her on edge.
30. The library's dimness made it feel removed from the outside world.
31. Outside, night had fallen, blanketing the house in impenetrable dimness.
32. They spent hours talking long into the night, comforted by the dimness that masked any discomfort.
33. The electricity must have gone out, casting the room into sudden dimness.
34. The dimness made it difficult to navigate the unfamiliar hallway.
35. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she began to make out shapes in the shadows.
36. Thick curtains blocked most of the sunlight, keeping the room in perpetual dimness.
37. The dimness seemed to muffle all sound, creating an almost womb-like cocoon.
38. The dimness and lack of clocks stripped away her sense of time.
39. The dimness of early dawn made it hard to distinguish dream from reality.
40. Their flashlight provided little comfort against the overwhelming dimness of the tunnel as it died.
41. As the candles burned down, the dimness crept back into the corners of the room.
42. The dimness seemed to absorb everything into itself, blurring the boundaries between shapes.
43. I sat in the dimness, letting my thoughts drift aimlessly as the candles sputtered low.
44. Clouds obscured the moonlight, cloaking the garden in an eerie dimness.
45. The library's dimness and hushed whispers made it a place of sanctuary and refuge.
46. Gradually, her mind adjusted to the dimness as her body relaxed into the comfort of the old armchair.
47. He hesitated on the threshold, reluctant to enter the oppressive dimness within.
48. Their eyes strained against the dimness, desperate to make sense of the unfamiliar shapes.
49. She retreated into the dimness, wanting to escape the blinding uncertainty of the outside world.
50. The dimness exaggerated every sound, causing her heart to skip a beat with each creak and groan.
51. He looked around the dimness, his eyes struggling to make sense of the vague outlines of furniture.
52. The thick dust filtered what little light there was, creating an impenetrable dimness.
53. Dimness blocked out the details but somehow intensified memories long since faded.
54. The dimness seemed alive, watching her every move as she moved hesitantly through the room.
55. They sat for hours in the comfortable dimness, talking about everything and nothing at all.
56. The dimness and closeness of the space made her feel safe and cocooned from the world outside.
57. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she began to make out objects around the room.
58. The dimness wrapped around her like a familiar blanket, settling her mind into a peaceful space.
59. She reveled in the sanctuary of the dimness, letting her busy mind find a moment of stillness.
60. The dimness of the theater provided respite from the bright glare of the outside world.

Common Phases

1. The room was cast in dimness.
2. The dimness enveloped everything.
3. The dimness seemed impenetrable.
4. The dimness cloaked the area.
5. Her eyes adjusted to the dimness.
6. The dimness intensified memories.
7. The dimness wrapped around her.
8. The dimness stretched on endlessly.
9. The dimness exaggerated every sound.
10. The dimness muffled all sound.
11. The dimness absorbed everything.
12. The dimness distorted her sense of time.
13. The dimness shrouded the room.
14. The dimness heightened her unease.
15. The dimness provided respite.

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