Disapprove example sentences

Related (8): disapprove, condemn, object, oppose, reject, denounce, criticize, disfavor

"Disapprove" Example Sentences

1. My parents disapprove of my decision to quit college.
2. The committee members unanimously disapproved of the proposed budget cuts.
3. The teacher disapproved of the students talking during class.
4. The parents disapproved of their daughter's choice of boyfriend.
5. My boss disapproved of my taking an extended lunch break.
6. The umpire disapproved of the players arguing with his calls.
7. The judge strongly disapproved of the defendant's behavior in the courtroom.
8. The coach disapproved of the players missing practice without a valid excuse.
9. The principal disapproved of the students eating lunch in the hallways.
10. The customer visibly disapproved of the poor quality of service he received.
11. The government officially disapproved of the protests in the capital.
12. The survey found that most voters disapproved of the president's handling of the economy.
13. My grandmother disapproves of the tattoos and piercings my sister has.
14. She disapproves of social media and does not have any accounts.
15. The health inspector visibly disapproved of the restaurant's sanitary conditions.
16. The environmental group disapproved of the plans to build a new dam.
17. The interviewer's awkward jokes made the HR manager disapprove of hiring him.
18. The parents disapproved of their teenagers being out so late on a school night.
19. The minister disapproved of how her congregation debated scripture interpretations.
20. My brother disapproves of how much time I spend playing video games.
21. The jury strongly disapproved of the defendant's apathy and lack of remorse.
22. The new neighbors visibly disapproved of the noise from my household.
23. The teacher harshly disapproved of the students cheating on the test.
24. The group vocally disapproved of the destructive behavior of some members.
25. She disapproves of spending money frivolously and lives frugally.
26. Poll results show that most voters disapprove of the incumbent congressman.
27. The board members unanimously disapproved of the proposed merger.
28. My grandmother disapproves of all the curse words used in modern music.
29. The religious leaders disapproved of the congregation members wearing immodest clothing.
30. My coworker visibly disapproved of my eating at my desk instead of in the break room.
31. The music critic strongly disapproved of the artist's latest album.
32. The doctor sternly disapproved of his patient's unhealthy lifestyle choices.
33. The vice principal disapproved of students leaving campus during lunch hour.
34. The sergeant major disapproved of soldiers staying out past curfew.
35. The students disapproved of the strict new rules the principal implemented.
36. My parents vehemently disapprove of me dating someone so much older.
37. The judge harshly disapproved of the defendant's disrespectful behavior in the courtroom.
38. The quality inspector visibly disapproved of the shoddy workmanship.
39. The condo board strongly disapproved of residents leaving clutter in the common areas.
40. The committee members unanimously disapproved the request for a budget increase.
41. The coach harshly disapproved of the players arriving late for practice.
42. The vegans disapproved of those who chose to consume meat and animal products.
43. The immigration officer visibly disapproved of the incomplete visa application.
44. The residents disapproved of the noisy neighbor who played loud music late at night.
45. The teachers disapproved of parents interfering in classroom policies.
46. The new boss strongly disapproved of employees arriving late to work.
47. The movie reviewer harshly disapproved of the film for its poor acting and script.
48. The flight attendant visibly disapproved of the crying baby on the plane.
49. My parents strongly disapproved of my dropping out of college.
50. The hotel manager visibly disapproved of guests leaving trash in the hallways.
51. My grandmother vehemently disapproves of premarital cohabitation.
52. The customer service representative visibly disapproved of the customers rude behavior.
53. The vegan strongly disapproved of those who still consumed meat and dairy products.
54. The doctor's stern demeanor indicated how much he disapproved of the patient's lack of progress.
55. The country disapproved strongly of the neighboring regime's oppression of its citizens.
56. The teacher disapproved of students with incomplete assignments.
57. My boss disapproved of my taking too many personal phone calls during work hours.
58. The tour guide visibly disapproved of group members touching ancient artifacts.
59. The school board strongly disapproved of the teachers going on strike.
60. The club members unanimously disapproved of the changes proposed by the new president.

Common Phases

1. My parents disapprove of my desire to quit college and travel the world.
2. The school principal strongly disapproved of the kids smoking cigarettes on campus.
3. The referee disapproved of the rough play and issued several yellow cards.
4. The board of directors disapproved of the CEO's plan to acquire another company.
5. The citizens disapproved of the government's plan to build a new highway through the park.
6. Grandma disapproves when I wear clothes she considers immodest.
7. My friends disapproved of my decision to move to a rural area for work.
8. The politician's opponents disapproved of his ethical lapses and attacked him relentlessly.
9. The instructor disapproved of the students' excuses for not completing the homework assignments.
10. The mother disapproved of her daughter's rude behavior towards others.
11. The doctor disapproved of the patient's unhealthy eating habits.
12. Environmentalists disapproved of the plan to build more oil pipelines.
13. My boss disapproved when I arrived late for work.
14. The teacher disapproved when students used their cell phones during class.
15. Many experts disapprove of eating highly processed foods.
16. Animal rights activists strongly disapprove of testing cosmetics on animals.
17. The judge disapproved of the inappropriate language used in court.
18. My grandparents strongly disapprove of tattoos and piercings.
19. Feminists often disapprove of narrow gender stereotypes portrayed in the media.
20. Conservative politicians frequently disapprove of progressive social policies.
21. Health officials disapprove of smoking indoors around children.
22. Religious leaders often disapprove of premarital sex.
23. My spouse disapproved when I stayed out late with friends without telling him.
24. The reviewers disapproved of the movie's graphic violence and coarse language.
25. The coach disapproved when players missed practice without a valid excuse.
26. Management strongly disapproved of employees showing up late to work.
27. Critics strongly disapproved of the author's insensitive use of racial stereotypes in the book.
28. Neighbors disapproved of the loud noise coming from the after-hours party next door.
29. Officials publicly disapproved of the athlete's aggressive behavior on the field.
30. Parents often disapprove of their teenagers spending too much time on social media.
31. Liberals frequently disapprove of conservative talk radio and political pundits.
32. Traditionalist members of the church disapprove of the minister's progressive sermons.
33. Vegetarians usually disapprove of eating meat.
34. The professor sternly disapproved of students cheating on exams.
35. The minister strongly disapproved of gossiping among church members.
36. Most health experts disapprove of sugar-sweetened beverages.
37. The majority of voters disapproved of the candidate's unprofessional campaign ads.
38. Doctors typically disapprove of smoking cigarettes.
39. The teacher disapproved when students failed to turn in their assignments on time.
40. Historians often disapprove of distorting facts for political purposes.
41. Conservatives usually disapprove of bigger government and higher taxes.
42. My boss strongly disapproves of employees being on their cell phones during work hours.
43. City officials disapproved of leaving trash cans uncovered, attracting wild animals.
44. Feminists strongly disapprove of misogynistic language and rape jokes.
45. My dentist disapproves of eating too many sugary snacks and drinks.
46. Older relatives often disapprove of tattoos and body piercings on the young.
47. Anti-war activists strongly disapprove of military intervention abroad.
48. Strict parents often disapprove of their teenagers staying out late on weekends.
49. The editor strongly disapproved of inaccurate information in the news report.
50. Neighbors often disapprove of loud parties that last late into the night.
51. Officials strongly disapproved of players using performance-enhancing drugs.
52. Professors usually disapprove of students using their cell phones during class.
53. Coworkers disapproved of crude jokes and offensive language in the workplace.
54. The school board strongly disapproved of teachers posting negative comments online.
55. Animal lovers usually disapprove of keeping wild animals as pets.
56. Doctors often disapprove of their patients smoking cigarettes.
57. Teachers usually disapprove of students skipping classes or missing school.
58. Religious conservatives typically disapprove of gay marriage.
59. Environmentalists strongly disapprove of clear-cutting forests for new developments.
60. Strict parents often disapprove of their teenagers partying and using drugs.

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