Disenfranchised example sentences

Related (13): disadvantaged, marginalized, underprivileged, excluded, ostracized, voiceless, powerless, disempowered, ignored, neglected, alienated, segregated, isolated.

"Disenfranchised" Example Sentences

1. Many people in America have been disenfranchised due to restrictive voting laws.
2. The government's policies have disenfranchised a significant portion of the country's population.
3. The recent changes in the electoral system have disenfranchised minority voters.
4. The new regulations have left many citizens feeling disenfranchised and powerless.
5. The country's history is riddled with stories of minorities being disenfranchised and oppressed.
6. The government's failure to address social inequalities has disenfranchised many people from their basic rights.
7. A lack of representation in the political system has disenfranchised many communities.
8. Laws that restrict accessibility to voting booths disproportionately disenfranchise minority groups.
9. In some countries, women are still disenfranchised to this day.
10. The poor have been historically disenfranchised due to a lack of access to education and resources.
11. Many activists have dedicated their lives to fighting against the disenfranchisement of vulnerable populations.
12. The political elite has long used tactics to disenfranchise those who do not conform to their beliefs.
13. Altering voting boundaries can be a tactic used to disenfranchise specific communities.
14. Gerrymandering is a way to disenfranchise and silence certain groups' voices.
15. The electoral college system can disenfranchise citizens by skewing their votes based on geography.
16. The media can disenfranchise marginalized groups by perpetuating harmful stereotypes and biases.
17. The root cause of disenfranchisement lies in systemic inequalities that must be addressed.
18. The disenfranchisement of certain groups has profound consequences for our democracy.
19. Restoring voting rights to disenfranchised individuals is crucial for a fair and just society.
20. Voter suppression is a tactic used to disenfranchise certain populations and skew election results.
21. A lack of access to healthcare services can disenfranchise people from their right to a healthy life.
22. Expanding accessibility to education can help eliminate disenfranchisement among marginalized communities.
23. The criminal justice system often disenfranchises individuals who have been convicted of crimes.
24. Disenfranchised individuals often feel disengaged from the political process and disempowered.
25. Combatting disenfranchisement requires a concerted effort from all members of society.
26. Economic policies that benefit the wealthy over the poor can disenfranchise vulnerable populations.
27. Disenfranchisement can often lead to social unrest and a lack of trust in government institutions.
28. It is crucial for governments to take steps to ensure that all citizens are enfranchised and have their voices heard.
29. Historically, indigenous peoples have been systematically disenfranchised and stripped of their land and resources.
30. Disenfranchisement is a complex issue that requires holistic solutions that address its root causes.

Common Phases

1. Many marginalized groups feel disenfranchised from the political system; immigrants, people of color, low-income individuals, and LGBTQ+ individuals, to name a few.
2. The effects of systemic racism have left many Black Americans disenfranchised from their rights to vote, obtain quality healthcare, and secure fair employment.
3. The lack of affordable housing and job opportunities in certain areas leaves many residents feeling disenfranchised from the rest of society.
4. Discriminatory policies and attitudes towards people with disabilities often leave them disenfranchised from accessing basic necessities like transportation, education, and public accommodations.
5. The current education system often leaves low-income students disenfranchised from quality learning opportunities and talent development.

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