Dressed example sentences

Related (7): garments, attire, outfitted, adorned, robed, clothed, habited

"Dressed" Example Sentences

1. She dressed quickly and hurried out the door.
2. The children were all dressed up for the party.
3. I dressed in my nicest clothes for the interview.
4. The models were beautifully dressed for the fashion show.
5. The actor was dressed in an elaborate costume for his role.
6. The bride was elegantly dressed in a long white gown.
7. The woman was casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.
8. I quickly dressed the wound with a bandage.
9. The turkey was dressed and ready for roasting.
10. The salad was dressed with oil and vinegar.
11. The tables were elegantly dressed for the dinner party.
12. She dressed down for the occasion.
13. The soldiers were dressed neatly in their uniforms.
14. He was formally dressed in a suit and tie.
15. She was meticulously dressed in an immaculate outfit.
16. His pajamas were hastily dressed that morning.
17. The doctor carefully dressed the wound to prevent infection.
18. The young woman was conservatively dressed.
19. The scarecrow was haphazardly dressed with old clothes.
20. The infant was dressed and ready to go.
21. The victuals were dressed with herbs and spices.
22. The master bedroom was dressed in navy blue and white.
23. I must dress for dinner tonight.
24. The dental assistant dressed me in a hospital gown.
25. She dressed the salad with homemade dressing.
26. The guests were formally dressed for the black tie event.
27. The child was not properly dressed for the cold weather.
28. I have to dress the wound twice a day.
29. The doctors dressed the burn and applied antibiotics.
30. The barber carefully dressed around the hairline.
31. The wound was left undressed for a few days.
32. The hostess had the food beautifully dressed.
33. The bridesmaids were identically dressed in purple gowns.
34. The infant was not yet dressed that morning.
35. She dressed her hair up in an elegant style.
36. The ballerina was dressed in a tutu and tights.
37. The letter was meticulously dressed and typed.
38. His attitude was dressed up in fancy words.
39. The side dishes were intricately dressed.
40. The actress was dressed as Marie Antoinette.
41. The patient must be dressed warmly before surgery.
42. The turkey was dressed and roasted to perfection.
43. The salad was neatly dressed and ready to serve.
44. The wound was dressed twice daily with ointment.
45. The room was gorgeously dressed for the occasion.
46. The wound needs to be dressed more frequently.
47. The beans were dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
48. The ritual was strangely dressed in symbolism.
49. The pig was dressed and ready for the spit.
50. The dessert was elaborately dressed with whipped cream.
51. The beef was dressed with salt and pepper.
52. The argument was cunningly dressed in logical terms.
53. The application was meticulously dressed and spellchecked.
54. The chicken was dressed and split for cooking.
55. The cake was prettily dressed with frosting.
56. The meat was dressed with a spicy rub.
57. The newscaster was formally dressed for the broadcast.
58. The table was tastefully dressed for the buffet lunch.
59. The wound was left undressed to breathe.
60. The little girl was sweetly dressed in her pink dress.

Common Phases

1. She dressed for the formal occasion in an elegant gown.
2. The kids were all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.
3. My mother dressed me in my Sunday best when we went to church.
4. The employees were dressed down in casual clothes for the company picnic.
5. They dressed to impress for the important business meeting.
6. The teacher dressed professionally in a suit.
7. Make sure you dress warmly for the winter hike.
8. The models were dressed head to toe in the latest fashions.
9. We dressed in layers for the cold weather.
10. The woman was styled and dressed to perfection.
11. The poor children were raggedly dressed.
12. The actors were costumed and dressed for their roles.
13. I quickly dressed the wound to stop the bleeding.
14. The nurse efficiently dressed the burn with ointment and bandages.
15. The doctor dressed the broken bone in a cast.
16. The salad was dressed with oil and vinegar.
17. The landscapers dressed the gardens with colorful flowers.
18. She quickly dressed her hair and makeup before leaving the house.
19. The chef dressed the chicken with lemon and thyme before roasting it.
20. The farm animals were dressed in their winter coats of fur and feathers.
21. We carefully dressed the turkey before putting it in the oven.
22. The wound was properly dressed daily to prevent infection.
23. The mechanic dressed the engine with lubricating oil.
24. Her closet was filled with finely dressed clothing.
25. The soldiers were smartly dressed in their uniforms.
26. The painting was dressed in a large ornate frame.
27. My daughter dressed her dolls in elaborate costumes.
28. The bride was beautifully dressed in her wedding gown.
29. The scar was thoroughly dressed to speed up the healing process.
30. The salad bar offered a variety of dressings.
31. The baby was quickly dressed and ready for daycare.
32. The girl was warmly dressed for the cold winter day.
33. The fields were dressed with fertilizer to help crops grow.
34. The greens were dressed simply with olive oil and vinegar.
35. The performer was extravagantly dressed for the stage.
36. The turkey breast was thinly sliced and dressed with gravy.
37. The chef dressed the pasta salads with her homemade vinaigrette.
38. The waiter dressed the tables with crisp white tablecloths.
39. The man was neatly but casually dressed for work.
40. The infield was dressed with clay to provide traction for the players.
41. The well-dressed couple attracted many looks of admiration.
42. The groundskeeper dressed the lawns with a fresh layer of topsoil.
43. The workman was roughly dressed in old clothes.
44. The tour guide was plainly but appropriately dressed.
45. The model was exquisitely dressed by the fashion designer's team.
46. The vegetable patch was dressed with compost to revitalize the soil.
47. The guitar was dressed with a fresh layer of wax.
48. He hurriedly dressed and rushed out the door for work.
49. The farm fields were dressed with manure to improve the quality of the soil.
50. The poorly dressed man was ignored as he walked down the street.
51. The fruits and vegetables were dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
52. The actress was sensationally dressed as the tragic heroine.
53. The dog had been mattedly dressed since his owners hadn't brushed him in weeks.
54. The doctor carefully dressed the wound with gauze and bandages.
55. The dealership dressed the new cars in protective plastic coverings.
56. The children were warmly dressed for their winter adventure.
57. The gymnast skillfully dressed her leotard before beginning practice.
58. The vinaigrette dressing was shaken up before being poured over the salad.
59. The rock star was flamboyantly dressed in her signature style.
60. The furniture was minimally dressed with throw pillows and a vase of flowers.

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