Drifts example sentences

"Drifts" Example Sentences

1. The leaves drifts aimlessly in the autumn breeze.
2. Snow drifts piled up against the front door.
3. The small rowboat drifts lazily along the river.
4. The smell of freshly brewed coffee drifts from the kitchen.
5. The sound of children's laughter drifts through the open window.
6. The old man sits on his porch, allowing his mind to drifts wherever it wants.
7. His thoughts drifts to his childhood and simpler times.
8. Sunlight drifts in through the dusty windows of the abandoned house.
9. The abandoned wagon wheels drifts in the tall grass.
10. The tumbleweeds drifts across the dusty road.
11. The cloud of dust drifts behind the wagon train.
12. The balloon slowly drifts up into the morning sky.
13. The hot air balloon drifts over the rolling hills.
14. The cork drifts aimlessly in the swimming pool.
15. The boat drifts with the current, going nowhere in particular.
16. The lake water drifts languidly against the shore.
17. His mind drifts away as he watches the clouds float by.
18. The smell of baking cookies drifts through the house.
19. The stream of his consciousness drifts into the past.
20. The stream drifts gently through the meadow.
21. Smoke drifts from the chimney of the old cabin.
22. Fog drifts across the moors, obscuring everything in its path.
23. The solitary canoe drifts down the peaceful river.
24. The wisps of cotton candy drifts in the breeze.
25. Sadness still drifts through her mind from time to time.
26. The gull drifts on the ocean breeze.
27. The lonely boat drifts aimlessly out at sea.
28. The sound of guitar music drifts in through the window.
29. His thoughts drifts to memories of times long past.
30. The sail boat drifts in the harbor, waiting for the breeze to catch her sails.
31. The scent of incense drifts around the room.
32. Their conversation drifts from topic to topic.
33. Dust drifts through the old house, undisturbed by footsteps.
34. The snowdrifts in the yard grow higher with each passing hour.
35. The homeless man drifts from place to place.
36. Their dreams of fame and fortune drifts further and further away.
37. The clouds drifts lazily across the sky.
38. The butterflies drifts on the summer breeze.
39. The jazz music drifts out of the club and into the night.
40. The jazz musician allows his melody to drifts wherever the inspiration takes him.
41. His interest in the subject drifts from week to week.
42. The wooden ship drifts aimlessly on the calm ocean.
43. The smell of coffee and cinnamon buns drifts from the café.
44. The cat drifts around the yard, exploring every new smell.
45. Guilt still drifts around his conscience from time to time.
46. The rowboat on the lake drifts in whatever direction the wind takes it.
47. Their doubts and worries drift into the background.
48. The smell of barbeque meat and spices drifts on the summer breeze.
49. The smell of burning leaves drifts through the neighborhood.
50. Sadness still drifts through her thoughts from time to time.
51. The abandoned dinghy drifts among the reeds in the river.
52. His feet drift aimlessly as he walks down the street.
53. The huge iceberg drifts lazily in the Arctic waters.
54. The little sailboat drifts across the pond.
55. The pattern of her thoughts drifts and changes constantly.
56. The gossip and meaningless chatter drifts through the room.
57. His attention drifts away from the lecture.
58. Snow drifts pile up against the sides of the buildings.
59. The kite drifts on the currents of air high above.
60. The train slowly drifts into the station.

Common Phases

1. Snow drifts - Large piles of snow that accumulate in some places due to wind.
2. Thoughts drift - When one's thoughts wander aimlessly or move from one subject to another.
3. Mind drifts - Similar to thoughts drift, when one's attention wanders.
4. Drift off - To gradually fall asleep.
5. Drift away - To move away from a place, subject, person, etc. gradually or imperceptibly.
6. Drift apart - To gradually grow more distant in a relationship.
7. Drift into - To enter or become engaged in a place, activity, or state in an aimless or unintentional manner.
8. Allow to drift - To permit something to move or proceed in an aimless or unrestricted manner.
9. Boat drifts - When a boat moves along with the current or wind and lacks directional control.
10. Currents drift - When winds or ocean currents cause something to move in an uncontrolled manner.

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