Equivalently example sentences

Related (5): Likewise, similarly, correspondingly, proportionately, comparably.

"Equivalently" Example Sentences

1. The terms "similarly" and "equivalently" can be used interchangeably in this context.
2. The two methods are essentially equivalent, or equivalently, they yield the same result.
3. The size of the cake can be expressed either in diameters or in areas, equivalently.
4. "To put it differently" and "equivalently" have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably.
5. The temperature can be measured in Celsius or in Fahrenheit, and the two scales are equivalently accurate.
6. The expressions "by the same token" and "equivalently speaking" both mean the same thing.
7. The words "synonymously" and "equivalently" are often used to indicate that two words have the same meaning.
8. The fractions 3/4 and 0.75 are equivalently represented in different forms.
9. The Spanish word "casa" and the English word "house" are equivalently translated in their respective languages.
10. The concepts of power, voltage, and current are equivalently important in electrical engineering.
11. The function sin²x and 1 - cos²x are equivalently expressed forms of each other.
12. The ideas of liberty and freedom can be used equivalently in many political discussions.
13. The phrases "as a result" and "equivalently, this means" both indicate a cause-and-effect relationship.
14. The propositions "if p then q" and "q if and only if p" are equivalently logical statements.
15. The terms "equally" and "equivalently" have slightly different connotations but can be used interchangeably in some contexts.
16. The languages of French and Spanish are different but are equivalently recognized as official languages of the United Nations.
17. The mathematical concepts of addition and subtraction are equivalently important in elementary education.
18. The logical operator "if and only if" and the shorthand "iff" are equivalently used in mathematical proofs.
19. The musical terms "allegro" and "fast" are equivalently used to indicate a rapid tempo.
20. The distance between two points can be calculated using the Pythagorean theorem or the distance formula, which are equivalently accurate methods.
21. The expressions "all things considered" and "equivalently stated" both indicate a summary of multiple factors or ideas.
22. The terms "consequently" and "equivalently" are often used to signal a conclusion to a series of statements or events.
23. Theorems in mathematics can be proven using different methods that are equivalently valid.
24. The phrases "in short" and "equivalently" are both used to provide a concise summary of a longer idea.
25. The concepts of mass and weight are different but are equivalently important concepts in physics.
26. The terms "effectively" and "equivalently" are often used to indicate that two things have the same effect or outcome.
27. The languages of Mandarin and Cantonese are different but are equivalently recognized as official languages of China.
28. The propositions "p or not p" and "not(not p and not p)" are equivalently logical statements.
29. The terms "effectively" and "equivalently" can be used to indicate that different methods produce the same result.
30. The musical terms "adagio" and "slow" are equivalently used to indicate a slow tempo.

Common Phases

1. "Heights and depths are equivalently important to measure;"
2. "His talent and hard work are equivalently responsible for his success;"
3. "The two options are equivalently viable;"
4. "The team members are equivalently skilled and capable;"
5. "Both parties have contributed equivalently to the project;"
6. "Her words and actions are equivalently hurtful;"
7. "The results of the two experiments are equivalently consistent;"
8. "The two approaches to problem-solving are equivalently effective;"
9. "The company's profits and losses are equivalently significant;"
10. "The two sides of the argument are equivalently compelling."

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