Etching example sentences

Related (8): copper, zinc, aquatint, acid, intaglio, burin, plate, printmaking.

"Etching" Example Sentences

1. The etching depicted a scene of rural life.
2. The artist created a profound portrait through her etching of the old man.
3. I loved studying the delicate lines and subtle shading of the Rembrandt etching.
4. The building's ornate facade was clearly etched into my memory.
5. The drought left an etching of deep cracks on the dry earth.
6. The harsh winter left an etching of frost on the insides of the windows.
7. Years of erosion had etched grooves into the stone cliff face.
8. Acid rain had etched depressions into the soft sandstone.
9. The lumberjack's ax had etched deep notches into the side of the tree.
10. The years of hardship were clearly etched in the old man's face.
11. Time's passage was etched into the faces of the elderly couple.
12. The etching depicted a pastoral scene of farmers out in the fields.
13. The marks of captivity were deeply etched into his very soul.
14. Her tragic story was etched onto her careworn face.
15. The history of the valley was etched into the high stone cliffs.
16. His biting words had etched a permanent wound on her heart.
17. The outdoor scenery was etched into her memories of childhood summers.
18. My heart ached as I gazed upon the etching of my late husband.
19. The artist carefully etched lines onto the copper plate to create the image.
20. Memories of better times were forever etched into her mind.
21. The finely detailed etching captured the essence of motherhood.
22. Time had etched many wrinkles into his once youthful face.
23. Frost etchings decorated the windows on winter mornings.
24. The years of bitterness had left a permanent etching on his soul.
25. The harsh lines of the prison had become etched into my every thought.
26. Lines of sorrow were deeply etched onto his aging face.
27. The years had etched laugh lines around her sparkling eyes.
28. The story of the land was etched into the very landscape itself.
29. Hard times had left their etching on her once soft features.
30. Memories of past failures were etched indelibly into his mind.
31. The silent etching depicted a scene of longing and loss.
32. The history of the struggle was etched into the very valley cliffs.
33. Her time spent in service had left a permanent etching on her soul.
34. The dragon had etched its fiery tale into the stone of the keep.
35. I carefully studied the etching's delicate lines and subtle shading.
36. Woodpeckers had etched numerous holes in the tree bark.
37. Tears had etched salty tracks down her cheeks.
38. The wilderness had left its indelible etching on his soul.
39. His jagged teeth had etched vicious bite marks into the door wood.
40. Words of cruelty had left an etching of hurt on her heart.
41. Her loss had left a deep and permanent etching on her soul.
42. The hardships of poverty had left their etching on his mother's face.
43. The fisherman's tale was etched into the salty air of the docks.
44. Razor blades are used to etch intricate designs onto copper plates.
45. The difficulties of the climb were etched into my weary muscles.
46. The horrors of war were etched onto every soldier's face.
47. I carefully admired the fine lines and delicate shading of the etching.
48. Time had etched deep lines in the soft stone facade.
49. The lines of anger were clearly etched on his brooding face.
50. History had etched its story onto the very landscape before him.
51. The city's history was etched into its ancient buildings and statues.
52. The details of the etching were so fine they appeared lifelike.
53. The hard years had left their etching on her careworn face.
54. Lines of joy were deeply etched around her eyes.
55. Memories of painful failure were etched into his youthful features.
56. Time and the elements had etched an ancient portrait onto the stone cliff.
57. The abuse she had suffered had left an indelible etching on her soul.
58. His silhouette was etched against the fiery sunset sky.
59. Memories of miserable summers were etched into their laughter-filled park.
60. The sorrows of years past were deeply etched onto her aging face.

Common Phases

1. Acid etching
The use of acid to etch away a surface, typically metal.
2. Photo etching
The use of photography in the etching process to create an image.
3. Frost etching
Patterns or markings created on a surface by frost.
4. Copper plate etching
An etching made by cutting into a copper plate and then using that plate to transfer the image.
5. Etching acid
An acidic solution used in the etching process.
6. Etching needle
A needle-like tool used to make marks on an etching plate.
7. Etching plate
The plate (typically metal) used in the etching process.
8. Etching ink
The ink used to transfer the etched image to paper.
9. Etching press
The printing press used to transfer an etched image to paper.
10. Etching ground
A substance applied to the etching plate to prevent acid etching in unwanted areas.
11. Etched in (one's) memory/mind
Permanently fixed or imprinted on one's memory.
12. Etched on (one's) face
Clearly visible or noticeable on one's face, as from age, hardship, or emotions.
13. Etched into the landscape
Permanently inscribed into or made part of the landscape.
14. Etch a name for oneself
To build a reputation or make a name for oneself.
15. Etch a name
To permanently establish one's name or fame by one's actions.

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