Exploitation example sentences

Related (9): Abuse, manipulation, misuse, oppression, subjugation, maltreatment, victimization, cheating, mistreatment.

"Exploitation" Example Sentences

1. The labor exploitation in the factory was evident in the long working hours and low wages.
2. The exploitation of natural resources without proper environmental policies is detrimental to future generations.
3. The film industry has a long history of exploitation of actors and actresses.
4. The company's exploitation of its patent rights led to a monopoly in the market.
5. The exploitation of vulnerable communities should be condemned and prohibited by law.
6. The exploitation of animals for fashion and beauty products should be heavily regulated.
7. The children were rescued from the human trafficking ring, which involved sexual exploitation.
8. The exploitation of child labor is a violation of human rights.
9. The exploitation of indigenous communities' land for mining purposes has caused displacement and environmental damage.
10. The internet is not immune to exploitation, as cybercrime and fraud are on the rise.
11. The exploitation of women's bodies in advertising is a form of objectification.
12. The exploitation of migrant workers is a widespread issue in many countries.
13. The exploitation of natural disasters for profit is unethical and immoral.
14. The exploitation of subcontractors by big companies through unpaid invoices is a major problem.
15. The exploitation of the elderly through financial scams is an alarming trend.
16. The exploitation of prison labor for profit without fair compensation is modern-day slavery.
17. The exploitation of homeless individuals for cheap or free labor is a form of abuse.
18. The exploitation of artists in the music industry through unfair contracts and low royalties is a pervasive issue.
19. The exploitation of the food industry for profits has led to unhealthy and unsustainable practices.
20. The exploitation of personal data by tech giants without consent or transparency is a violation of privacy.
21. The exploitation of workers in sweatshops for low wages and poor working conditions is a violation of labor rights.
22. The exploitation of the environment for economic gain without consideration for sustainability is a global crisis.
23. The exploitation of gender and race for political gain is divisive and harmful to society.
24. The exploitation of domestic workers without fair wages or adequate living conditions is an injustice.
25. The exploitation of undocumented immigrants through exploitation and lack of legal protections is a social issue.
26. The exploitation of children's innocence through child pornography and sex trafficking is a horrific crime.
27. The exploitation of animals in circuses and entertainment industries is unethical and cruel.
28. The exploitation of public resources for private gain is a betrayal of the public trust.
29. The exploitation of addicts through predatory lending practices and treatment scams is a major issue.
30. The exploitation of human weaknesses and vulnerabilities through manipulation and coercion is an abuse of power.

Common Phases

not copy someone else's work without permission or proper citation. Exploitation of resources without proper planning can lead to long-term consequences; the exploitation of animals in circuses is a controversial issue; many companies have been criticized for their exploitation of cheap labor in developing countries; sexual exploitation of children is a serious crime that requires immediate attention; political parties often engage in the exploitation of fear and prejudice to gain support; the exploitation of natural disasters for profit is unethical; human trafficking is a form of exploitation that violates basic human rights; child labor exploitation is still a widespread problem in many countries; the exploitation of personal data by companies is a growing concern.

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