Extrapolate example sentences

Related (5): estimate, project, infer, deduce, extend.

"Extrapolate" Example Sentences

1. It is difficult to extrapolate the results from a small sample size to the entire population.
2. The economist is able to extrapolate trends from years of financial data.
3. I cannot extrapolate any meaning from his cryptic statements.
4. The scientists are using this data to extrapolate the effects of climate change.
5. It is important to be cautious when extrapolating from one situation to another.
6. We cannot extrapolate the future of our company based on last year’s profits alone.
7. The analysts were able to extrapolate the likely outcomes of the election based on early voting results.
8. The archaeologists were able to extrapolate the history of the civilization based on the artifacts they uncovered.
9. It is unwise to extrapolate the behavior of individuals based on group statistics.
10. The meteorologists were able to extrapolate the path of the hurricane using advanced tracking technology.
11. The historian was able to extrapolate the events leading up to the war.
12. The data set was not large enough to extrapolate any accurate conclusions.
13. The researchers will use this data to extrapolate future trends in healthcare.
14. The mathematician was able to extrapolate the formula for the pattern.
15. I cannot extrapolate the answer from the information given in the question.
16. She was able to extrapolate the meaning of the unfamiliar word by using context clues.
17. The election results were used to extrapolate the political climate of the country.
18. It is important to avoid extrapolating too much from a single data point.
19. The future of the economy is difficult to extrapolate based on current trends.
20. He was able to extrapolate the cause of the problem by analyzing the symptoms.
21. The researchers were surprised by the unexpected results they were able to extrapolate from the data.
22. The effectiveness of the new treatment is being extrapolated from tests on a small group of participants.
23. It is important to remember that extrapolating predictions does not always yield accurate results.
24. The scientists were able to extrapolate the potential long-term effects of the chemical exposure.
25. We need to extrapolate the implications of this decision before we move forward.
26. The geologists were able to extrapolate the formation of the mountains based on rock formations.
27. The researchers will extrapolate the data to predict the likely outcome of the experiment.
28. It can be dangerous to extrapolate medical advice from unreliable sources.
29. We cannot extrapolate the behavior of the individual to the behavior of the entire group.
30. The teachers were able to extrapolate the potential impact of the new curriculum on student performance.

Common Phases

1. "From the data, we can extrapolate the trend for the next quarter."
2. "I can extrapolate the results based on previous experiments."
3. "If we extrapolate the current growth rate, we'll hit our target in six months."
4. "By extrapolating the data, we can predict the future demand."
5. "We can extrapolate the findings to other similar situations."

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