Failed example sentences

Related (10): unsuccessful, abortive, ineffectual, fruitless, unsuccessful, unproductive, bankrupt, collapsed, ruined, defeated

"Failed" Example Sentences

1. The project failed due to lack of funding.
2. He failed the exam and had to retake the class.
3. The engine failed on the plane mid-flight.
4. They failed to show up for the meeting.
5. The soldiers failed to capture the enemy base.
6. I have failed you as a teacher.
7. The rocket launch failed spectacularly.
8. He failed multiple drug tests and lost his job.
9. The factory machines failed due to the power outage.
10. Her attempt at baking the cake failed miserably.
11. The marriage failed after only a few months.
12. They failed to meet their sales target for the quarter.
13. The pump failed and flooded the basement.
14. Her business venture ultimately failed and left her broke.
15. The negotiations failed to produce a compromise.
16. The back-up generator failed during the blackout.
17. The treatment failed to resolve the patient's condition.
18. The software update failed and had to be rolled back.
19. The crop failed due to lack of rainfall.
20. The rescue mission failed and the climbers perished.
21. The repairs failed to fix the engine trouble.
22. Their evacuation plan had failed at the first sign of danger.
23. The startup company eventually failed due to lack of funding.
24. The heart surgery failed and the patient passed away.
25. The transmission ultimately failed and needed to be replaced.
26. The stuntman failed to land the jump safely.
27. The audition failed to earn her a spot on the show.
28. Her voice cracked and she failed the singing audition.
29. The airbags failed to deploy during the car crash.
30. The disregard for safety standards eventually failed the company.
31. The prototypes all failed to meet design specifications.
32. Their proposal failed to gain approval from the board.
33. Her humor failed to elicit even a single laugh from the audience.
34. The trust between them had failed long before they separated.
35. The writers failed to come up with a satisfactory ending to the story.
36. The firewall failed to detect the malware in time.
37. The brittle material ultimately failed under stress.
38. The policy changes failed to improve employee morale.
39. The talking points failed to convince the jury of her innocence.
40. Their latest album utterly failed to chart.
41. The brakes failed as he was descending the hill.
42. She failed to take responsibility for her mistakes.
43. The batteries had completely failed after only a few years.
44. The attempt at CPR ultimately failed and the patient died.
45. The weather forecast failed to predict the tornado.
46. His plea fell on deaf ears and ultimately failed.
47. The vaccines failed to confer immunity against the virus.
48. The warning signs were there, but we failed to see them.
49. The interview failed to land her the job.
50. The emergency landing gears failed to deploy.
51. The old bridge ultimately failed under the weight of traffic.
52. All attempts at resuscitation failed and the patient was declared dead.
53. The new recruits failed to meet the rigorous training standards.
54. The nerve agent failed to kill the targeted diplomat.
55. The replacement part failed within months of being installed.
56. Their backup strategy had failed disastrously.
57. The infiltration mission had failed at the last second.
58. The treatment plan failed to slow the progress of her disease.
59. The smoke detectors failed to go off until the fire was out of control.
60. Her eyesight failed in her old age, forcing her to use glasses.

Common Phases

fail to + verb
This phrase means "did not successfully" do something.
They failed to show up on time.
The pill failed to cure her illness.
fail at + noun
This means "did not succeed in" or "was not good at" something.
He failed at every job he tried.
She always fails at baking cakes.
a failed attempt
An attempt that was not successful.
His final, failed attempt to save their marriage.
a failure
Someone or something that was not successful.
His business was a failure from the start.
The new product was a complete failure.
have failed
Used to express that someone or something did not meet a standard.
We have failed the environment.
His government has failed the people.
utterly fail
To fail completely or badly.
The new principal has utterly failed to improve test scores.
meet with failure
To end up being unsuccessful.
All of her romantic relationships seem to meet with failure.
Does this help provide some common phrases using the word "failed?" Let me know if you have any other questions.

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