Fanatical example sentences

Related (13): Obsessive, extreme, fervent, zealous, intense, devoted, passionate, ardent, uncompromising, radical, extremist, narrow-minded, dogmatic.

"Fanatical" Example Sentences

1. The fanatical sports fans were cheering their team on with all their might.
2. She had a fanatical devotion to her job, often putting in 12-hour workdays.
3. The religious group was known for its fanatical beliefs and practices.
4. The dictator had a fanatical following who would do anything he asked.
5. He had a fanatical need for control, which often caused problems.
6. The environmental activist was a fanatical supporter of renewable energy.
7. The football coach had a fanatical approach to training and conditioning.
8. She had a fanatical obsession with cleanliness and order.
9. The religious leader's fanatical sermons stirred up controversy and debate.
10. The terrorist group was made up of fanatical extremists who believed in violence as a means to achieve their goals.
11. He was a fanatical collector of vintage cars and spent most of his money on his collection.
12. The politician's fanatical promises and extreme views turned off many voters.
13. The team's fanatical support base was relentless in their cheering during the game.
14. She had a fanatical dedication to her workout routine, never missing a day.
15. The cult leader had a fanatical hold over his followers, who believed his every word.
16. The company's fanatical focus on customer satisfaction led to their success.
17. The writer's fanatical attention to detail made for a compelling and immersive read.
18. The fanatical devotion to their cause led the protesters to take extreme measures.
19. The rock band had a fanatical fan base that would follow them to every concert.
20. He had a fanatical love for his country, often going to great lengths to defend it.
21. The chef had a fanatical commitment to using only local and organic ingredients in his dishes.
22. The book club's fanatical members would discuss every detail of the text at length.
23. The fanatical worship of celebrities can be seen as unhealthy by some.
24. The cult's fanatical beliefs led to their eventual downfall.
25. The athlete's fanatical training regime paid off in the end, leading to their success.
26. The film director had a fanatical approach to every detail of his movies, from casting to lighting.
27. The animal rights group had a fanatical commitment to ending animal testing.
28. The politician's fanatical views on immigration sparked heated debate.
29. The team's fanatical determination to win was evident in their performance.
30. He had a fanatical passion for astronomy, spending countless nights stargazing.

Common Phases

1. He displayed fanatical devotion to the team; even getting their logo tattooed on his chest.
2. Her fanatical determination to become a doctor led her to study for 12 hours a day.
3. The cult leader had a fanatical personality; convincing his followers to give up their possessions and follow him blindly.
4. The company's CEO had fanatical beliefs about the importance of customer service; going to great lengths to ensure every customer was satisfied.
5. He was a fanatical environmentalist; refusing to drive a car or use plastic bags.

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