Feather example sentences

Related (10): plume, down, quill, fluff, pluck, bird, wing, flight, grace, elegance.


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feather (noun) · feathers (plural noun)

  - any of the flat appendages growing from a bird's skin and forming its plumage, consisting of a partly hollow horny shaft fringed with vanes of barbs:

  - one of the feathers or featherlike vanes fastened to the shaft of an arrow or a dart.

  - a fringe of long hair on the legs of a dog, horse, or other animal.

  - rotate the blades of (a propeller) about their own axes in such a way as to lessen the air or water resistance.

  - vary the angle of attack of (rotor blades).

  - turn (an oar) so that it passes through the air edgewise:

  - float, move, or wave like a feather:

  - touch (someone or something) very lightly.

  - (of ink, lipstick, etc.) separate into tiny lines after application:

  - shorten or taper the hair by cutting or trimming:


plume, quill, plumage, feathering, down, hackles, crest, tuft, topknot, pinion, covert, remex, rectrix, plumule, vibrissae, flag

"Feather" Example Sentences

1. The soft feather tickled my nose.
2. The peacock fanned out its colorful feathers.
3. The swan's white feathers looked beautiful on the lake.
4. The pillows were stuffed with downy feathers.
5. The arrow had feathers on the end for steering.
6. The feather duster was used to clean the furniture.
7. I gently ran the feather across her cheek.
8. The feather in his hat made him look rather dashing.
9. The wind ruffled the bird's feathers.
10. She smoothed the crumpled feathers on the chicken's wing.
11. The Indians decorated their headdresses with colorful feathers.
12. I found a single iridescent feather on the ground.
13. She collected the discarded colorful feathers that littered the barnyard floor.
14. The hunter's coat was trimmed with fur and feathers.
15. The ibis used its feather to probe the mud for food.
16. The wingspan of the eagle's feathers was amazing.
17. The bird gently rustled its feathers and took flight.
18. The baby birds peeped and stretched out their new feathers.
19. The feather pillows were perfect for summertime naps.
20. The small feather floated down and landed on my nose.
21. The feathers told a story of the bird's age and species.
22. The parrot smoothed its feathers and preened.
23. I smoothed the baby's downy feathers and fed her.
24. I'll think of you when I find a soft feather on the ground.
25. The feather boa flowed and danced as she moved.
26. The costumed actors brandished feather headdresses and spears.
27. The owl had soft feathers on its face that framed its large eyes.
28. The child liked to pretend the feather was a magic wand.
29. We watched the feather float gently to the ground.
30. The peacock showed off his colorful tail feathers for the peahens.
31. The movement of the feather tickled and amused the baby.
32. The hunter pulled the feathers from the quail to use for bait.
33. The feathers cushioned the bird's eggs in the nest.
34. The turkey puffed up its large feathers and gobbled loudly.
35. The woman wore a feathered hat and long flowing skirt to the costume party.
36. The dog bounded through the fallen feathers of the pillow I had dragged outside.
37. The goose hissed and ruffled its feathers as I approached.
38. The ostrich's long slim legs supported its huge body and long feathers.
39. The owl's wings seemed silent as it flew, gliding on graceful feathers.
40. The fans waved their feather boas as the singer performed.
41. I put the loose feather to my lips and blew softly.
42. The pet parrot tugged at my sleeve feathers with its beak.
43. The feathers of the wild turkey were iridescent with purples and greens.
44. The tiny brown feather floated up and down on the breeze.
45. I tucked the stray feather back into the polished fan.
46. The hummingbird hovered and its wings beat a blur of tiny feathers.
47. The feather pillows were scattered around the nesting area for comfort.
48. The chickens flapped their wings and sent up a cloud of dust and loose feathers.
49. The pheasant spread its wings in a dazzling show of iridescent feathers.
50. I blew the feather away and watched it disappear into the sky.
51. The peacock let out a cry and fanned its tail feathers.
52. The cardinal landed on the branch, ruffling its red feathers.
53. The woman tickled her friend with the soft ends of the feather boa.
54. The hawk soared on broad wings composed of tightly arranged feathers.
55. The tiny chick snuggled under its mother's warm feathers.
56. The plastic feather duster gathered dust ineffectively from the shelves.
57. The actress swept across the stage in a flurry of colorful feathers.
58. The fisherman used feathers on his lures to attract trout.
59. The swan's snowy white feathers seemed to glow in the moonlight.
60. The wing feathers of the goose were worn and tattered from flight.

Common Phases

ruffle someone's feathers - to annoy someone or make them angry
light as a feather - something very light
fly off the handle - to get very angry suddenly
put your feet up - to relax
feather your nest - to make money or gain advantage for yourself
on the right track - doing the correct thing or headed in the right direction
break a leg! - used as a wish of good luck for a performance
under the weather - not feeling well or slightly ill
a feather in your cap - something that brings you honor or praise
pull out all the stops - to make maximum effort
feel under the weather - to not feel well
turn over a new leaf - to change one's bad habits and start afresh
at the drop of a hat - willing to do something immediately

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