Flatterer example sentences

Related (11): sycophant, toady, fawner, bootlicker, yes-man, brown-noser, kiss-up, apple-polisher, adulator, sweet-talker, smooth-talker.

"Flatterer" Example Sentences

1. I can see right through your flatterer facade.
2. He was just a flatterer trying to get on my good side.
3. The flatterer spoke in a way that made me doubt their sincerity.
4. My aunt is always a flatterer, telling me how beautiful I am.
5. The flatterer deceived her by weaving a web of lies.
6. Mary feels uneasy around flatterers, sometimes unable to tell the difference between genuine compliments and fake ones.
7. His arrogance made him believe that everyone who praised him was a flatterer.
8. She suspected that the person complimenting her was a flatterer but took the compliment anyway.
9. I was embarrassed to be a flatterer, so I quickly changed the subject.
10. The flatterer complimented the boss’s every move in hopes of a promotion.
11. The flatterer used flowery language in order to gain what they wanted.
12. His flatterer grin was insincere and made me uneasy.
13. Jane is too smart to fall for a flatterer's charms.
14. The teacher sees right through the flatterer students, who only want a good grade.
15. The flatterer complimented her eyes and her dress, but seemed to have no interest in her personality.
16. He dismissed the flatterer, who he believed had no value.
17. The flatterer complimented the chef's dish, but then complained about it when he thought he was out of earshot.
18. The flatterer was revealed when he mistakenly complimented the wrong person.
19. There's no place for flatterers in politics, only honesty and integrity.
20. She suspected the flatterer had nefarious intentions.
21. The flatterer only spoke to the powerful, with no regard for the opinions of the less well-known.
22. The flatterer spoke words that sounded nice but didn't mean anything.
23. The company needed workers who would be honest, not flatterers who would lie to succeed.
24. The flatterer's claims made Anna feel special, but she knew they disappeared as soon as they got what they wanted.
25. I found out that most flatterers are not really genuine, they just want something.
26. She felt uncomfortable with the flatterer, who seemed to have an ulterior motive.
27. The flatterer's insincere words were revealed by his lack of follow-through.
28. Although she knew better, the flatterer’s words still made her feel good.
29. The flatterer is like a chameleon, changing to suit their environment.
30. The flatterer tried to smooth things over with sweet words, but the damage had been done.

Common Phases

1. "You're such a flatterer";
2. "Don't be a flatterer, I want the truth";
3. "I see right through your flattery";
4. "He's always been a smooth-talking flatterer";
5. "I don't trust flatterers";
6. "Her flattery was so convincing";
7. "He's nothing but a sly flatterer";
8. "I'm not susceptible to flattery";
9. "I can't stand when people use flattery to manipulate";
10. "Stop being a flatterer and be honest."

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