Flusterv example sentences

Related (5): agitated, flustered, confused, unsettled, discombobulated

"Flusterv" Example Sentences

1. She felt flustered when she realized she had left her phone at home.
2. The unexpected visitor caused a fluster in the otherwise calm household.
3. His flustered demeanor suggested that something was amiss.
4. She tried to remain composed, but the pressure of the situation left her flustered.
5. His hurried steps and flustered expression made it clear that he was running late.
6. She became flustered when she saw the large crowd gathering outside.
7. The commotion caused by the young children left the teacher flustered.
8. His flustered attempts to explain his behavior only made matters worse.
9. She felt a wave of fluster wash over her as she stepped onto the stage.
10. The unexpected question caught her off guard and left her flustered.
11. The chaos of the busy city streets left her feeling flustered and overwhelmed.
12. His flustered reaction to her compliment revealed his lack of confidence.
13. She tried to hide her flustered appearance by adjusting her hair and clothes.
14. The fluster in the courtroom was quickly quelled by the judge's firm voice.
15. His flustered attempts to fix the broken machine only made it worse.
16. She became so flustered during the interview that she forgot her own name.
17. The fluster in the kitchen was caused by the unexpected arrival of guests.
18. His flustered expression made it clear that he was in over his head.
19. She felt a rush of fluster when she realized she was lost in an unfamiliar place.
20. The fluster caused by the unexpected guest disrupted the dinner party.
21. His flustered attempts to explain himself only made the situation more confusing.
22. She tried to hide her fluster by turning away from the crowd.
23. The fluster in the office was caused by a sudden power outage.
24. His flustered behavior suggested that he was hiding something.
25. She felt a sense of fluster when she saw the long line at the checkout counter.
26. The fluster in the library was caused by a noisy group of students.
27. His flustered reaction to her question suggested that he was lying.
28. She tried to remain calm, but the fluster in her voice betrayed her nervousness.
29. The sudden fluster in the courtroom was caused by a surprise witness.
30. His flustered attempts to juggle multiple tasks at once resulted in a major mistake.

Common Phases

1. I'm feeling quite flusterv right now;
2. Don't flusterv yourself, everything will be fine;
3. She tends to get very flusterv when she's under pressure;
4. He was so flusterv that he forgot what he was going to say;
5. I'm sorry if I'm being flusterv, I just can't seem to focus today;
6. I always feel flusterv when I'm running late;
7. I hate feeling flusterv, it makes me anxious;
8. It's easy to flusterv someone if you keep changing the rules;
9. I try not to let things flusterv me, but sometimes it's hard;
10. I wish I didn't get flusterv so easily, it's such an annoying feeling.

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