Flyovers example sentences

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"Flyovers" Example Sentences

1. The city installed several new flyovers to alleviate traffic congestion.
2. We drove over several flyovers on our way through the city.
3. The construction company is building several new flyovers to improve traffic flow.
4. The flyovers were designed to prevent congestion at the intersection.
5. The city council approved the construction of several flyovers to ease traffic on the highway.
6. The design of these flyovers is meant to reduce traffic accidents.
7. Drivers often have to wait in long lines to use the crowded flyovers during rush hour.
8. The new flyovers allow drivers to bypass several busy intersections.
9. During construction, many drivers avoided the area due to the blocked flyovers.
10. The flyovers will connect downtown with the suburbs, improving travel times for commuters.
11. The flyovers were funded by a government grant to improve the city's transportation infrastructure.
12. Despite the presence of several flyovers, traffic remains heavy during peak hours.
13. The flyovers were built to provide faster access to the airport.
14. With the addition of several flyovers, the city's traffic fatalities have decreased.
15. The construction of the flyovers has caused some disruption to nearby businesses.
16. Emergency services have difficulty accessing the congested flyovers during peak traffic hours.
17. The flyovers were constructed to improve the city's public transportation system.
18. I always enjoy driving over the flyovers and getting a bird's eye view of the city.
19. The flyovers have made it easier for commuters to get to work on time.
20. The city plans to add more flyovers in the future to further improve traffic flow.
21. The flyovers are a key aspect of the city's transportation master plan.
22. The construction of the flyovers took several years to complete.
23. The flyovers have been a major factor in reducing traffic-related carbon emissions.
24. The government has invested heavily in the construction of flyovers to improve transportation nationwide.
25. The flyovers provide a panoramic view of the city's skyline.
26. The flyovers allow drivers to bypass several congested areas of the city.
27. The flyovers are a testament to the city's commitment to sustainable transportation.
28. The construction of the flyovers has spurred economic development in the area.
29. The new flyovers have made traveling to the city center much quicker.
30. The flyovers were designed to provide a safer and faster route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Common Phases

- On our way to the airport, we saw multiple flyovers; it was quite a sight!
- During the summer, our city hosts a flyover show every other weekend; it's a great way to spend a Saturday.
- The construction of the new bridge included multiple flyovers; engineers worked tirelessly to make it all come together.
- As we drove through the mountains, we went over several flyovers; the view from the top was incredible.
- The military demonstration included jaw-dropping flyovers; we were in awe of their precision and skill.

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