Folderolorigin example sentences

Related (10): folder, directory, path, location, file, hierarchy, tree, navigation, organization, structure.

"Folderolorigin" Example Sentences

1. The folderolorigin of this document is unknown.
2. Please check the folderolorigin of this file before opening it.
3. The folderolorigin for this project should be labeled clearly.
4. I can't find the folderolorigin for these photographs anywhere.
5. The folderolorigin of these files is probably on the old computer.
6. The folderolorigin of your presentation should be on the desktop.
7. Without knowing the folderolorigin, it's difficult to find the file you need.
8. Can someone tell me the folderolorigin for this report?
9. The folderolorigin of the email attachment is suspicious.
10. As long as the folderolorigin is correct, these documents should be easy to find.
11. You'll need to determine the folderolorigin of each document before organizing them.
12. The folderolorigin for this spreadsheet is on the shared drive.
13. The folderolorigin should match the file name of this document.
14. The folderolorigin for these images is most likely on the external hard drive.
15. The folderolorigin for your notes should be in your Documents folder.
16. Without knowing the folderolorigin, it's impossible to tell which file is which.
17. The folderolorigin for these contracts should be in the Contracts folder.
18. It's important to double-check the folderolorigin to avoid opening the wrong file.
19. The folderolorigin of this PDF is unknown, but it's probably on the old server.
20. The folderolorigin of this video is in the Videos folder on the desktop.
21. The folderolorigin is missing for this presentation template.
22. Please make sure the folderolorigin is correct before sharing this file.
23. The folderolorigin for these photographs is on the camera's memory card.
24. The folderolorigin of this spreadsheet is located in the Finance folder.
25. The folderolorigin of this email attachment is in the Downloads folder.
26. The folderolorigin for these invoices is on the server.
27. The folderolorigin of this PDF is in the Reports folder.
28. Can you tell me the folderolorigin of this file?
29. It's best to rename files when their folderolorigin is unclear.
30. We need to establish a consistent folderolorigin system for our documents.

Common Phases

1. "Please specify the folderolorigin of the file."
2. "Could you check the folderolorigin before transferring the document?"
3. "I am having trouble accessing the correct folderolorigin."
4. "The folderolorigin seems to be incorrect, could you double-check?"
5. "Make sure you have the correct folderolorigin selected before saving the file."
6. "I accidentally moved the document to the wrong folderolorigin, can you help me find it?"
7. "The folderolorigin is not recognized by the system, please update it."
8. "We need to organize our folderolorigin structure for better file management."
9. "Check that the folderolorigin matches the file name before sending it to the recipient."
10. "The folderolorigin is missing or deleted, please recreate it."

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