Foliation example sentences

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"Foliation" Example Sentences

1. The foliation of the rocks indicated their age.
2. The geologist identified the foliation pattern in the rocks.
3. She studied the foliation of the leaves under the microscope.
4. The artist used the texture of foliation to create a natural motif in her painting.
5. The foliation on the ceiling of the church was intricately designed.
6. The foliation of the pottery was a clear sign of the artisan's skill.
7. The geographer noted the foliation of the landscape in her journal.
8. The botanist explained the significance of the foliation on the plant to her students.
9. The foliation on the book cover was beautifully intricate.
10. The foliation in the marble stone made it a popular choice for building materials.
11. The architect incorporated foliation elements in the design to create a unique look for the building.
12. The texture of the foliation on the walls provided a natural ambiance to the room.
13. The foliation of the fabric added depth and dimension to the dress.
14. The foliation of the music notes indicated the tempo and style of the song.
15. The artist meticulously depicted the foliation on the tree in his painting.
16. The jeweler used foliation patterns in the metalwork of the necklace to create an organic look.
17. The foliation of the timber paneling in the room brought warmth to the space.
18. The foliation in the stamp design made it look elegant and sophisticated.
19. The foliation on the roof of the building provided natural ventilation and insulation.
20. The designer used the intricate foliation patterns of lace to create a unique dress.
21. The foliation on the antique cabinet was a clear indication of its value.
22. The geologist found the foliation in the rock face particularly interesting.
23. The woodworker used the natural foliation in the wood to create a stunning table.
24. The foliation pattern on the pottery dish gave it a rustic feel.
25. The gardener was pleased with the foliation of the plants in the garden.
26. The foliation of the building's exterior gave it a distinct look in the cityscape.
27. The artist drew inspiration from the foliation of the plants in nature.
28. The foliation on the wallpaper brought a touch of elegance to the room.
29. The natural foliation of the mountain range was breathtaking to behold.
30. The designer used the foliation of vines in the fabric of the curtains to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Common Phases

1. The foliation of rocks can be used to determine their geological history;
2. The rock's foliation was caused by the pressure and heat of tectonic forces over time;
3. The foliation of the mineral grains in the rock can affect its strength and durability;
4. The foliation patterns in the rock suggest a directional flow of pressure during formation;
5. The foliation can provide clues about past geological events, such as folding or faulting.

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