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Related (4): purchase, gift, appreciation, support


[fôr, fər] ✕ Play

  - in support of or in favor of (a person or policy):

  - affecting, with regard to, or in respect of (someone or something):

  - on behalf of or to the benefit of (someone or something):

  - employed by:

  - having (the thing mentioned) as a purpose or function:

  - having (the thing mentioned) as a reason or cause:

  - having (the place mentioned) as a destination:

  - representing (the thing mentioned):

  - in place of or in exchange for (something):

  - charged as (a price):

  - in relation to the expected norm of (something):

  - indicating the length of (a period of time):

  - indicating the extent of (a distance):

  - indicating an occasion in a series:

  - because; since:


[fôː, fə] ✕ Play

  - denoting prohibition:

  - denoting abstention, neglect, or renunciation:

  - denoting extremity of negative state expressed:


[for.] ✕ Play

  - foreign.

  - forest.

  - forester.

  - forestry.


pro, against, because, since, cause, purpose, reason, aim, end, objective, object, goal, motive, Feedback, Legal

"For" Example Sentences

1. I left the package for you at the door.
2. I apologized for being late.
3. Are you waiting for the bus?
4. We have various options for sale.
5. I signed up for the email newsletter.
6. He stood up for his friend in the argument.
7. We gathered for the weekly meeting.
8. I have big plans for the weekend.
9. I prepared dinner for the family.
10. I asked for help with the project.
11. I sent out an invite for the party.
12. The chicken is marinating for tomorrow's dinner.
13. I had the wine ready for our guests.
14. The committee voted for new legislation.
15. I dressed up for the occasion.
16. The student applied for financial aid.
17. She thanked me for the gift.
18. This ink is not for use with laser printers.
19. Do we have a volunteer for this task?
20. He qualified for the position.
21. I did the chore for her.
22. The caterer quoted me a price for 50 people.
23. Are you still aiming for that promotion?
24. We left early for the concert.
25. I ran for president of the club.
26. Thanks for your helpful advice.
27. The medication is for pain relief.
28. I looked for my keys everywhere.
29. She cooked dinner for her husband.
30. I contacted the office for information.
31. I yearned for companionship.
32. I waited for hours at the airport.
33. I paid by check for the order.
34. I engraved the gift for my mom.
35. She apologized for her behavior.
36. The data was collected for research purposes.
37. Are you waiting on anything else?
38. The application is designed specifically for this purpose.
39. Do we have any more contenders for the role?
40. The medication is prescribed for two weeks.
41. We should try again for a higher score.
42. Are there any further details required for the submission?
43. The tools come in handy for various jobs.
44. The charity event raised funds for a good cause.
45. I searched high and low for my lost belonging.
46. I swiped my credit card for payment.
47. Thank you kindly for your consideration.
48. There is no need for alarm.
49. Are there any supplements required for this treatment?
50. The child waited patiently for her turn.
51. Our plans fell through for the weekend.
52. I longed for the day to end.
53. I paid by credit card for the purchase.
54. We searched far and wide for the missing dog.
55. There is no call for haste in this matter.
56. The dog barked for hours.
57. I wrote the note for you on the fridge.
58. Do you require anything else at this time?
59. Do we have any further volunteers for the task?
60. The medication is taken twice daily for 7 days.

Common Phases

1. I am looking for my keys.
2. She is studying for her exam.
3. Thank you for helping me.
4. The hotel is perfect for a relaxing vacation.
5. I'm sorry for being late.
6. The teacher scolded the students for being noisy.
7. He is training for the marathon.
8. Have you seen the remote control for the TV?
9. I've been waiting for you for an hour!
10. I need the money for my tuition.
11. The athlete was praised for winning the gold medal.
12. The food was delicious. Thank you for cooking.
13. I have plans for the weekend.
14. He will be away for business next week.
15. The dog has been waiting for you for a long time.
16. Can you pass me the scissors for a moment?
17. These apples are perfect for baking a pie.
18. Her advice helped me so much. Thank you for caring.
19. The suitcase is too heavy for me to lift alone.
20. I'm doing this project for extra credit.
21. The snow was perfect for sledding.
22. She came looking for her lost cat.
23. I apologize for not calling you back sooner.
24. Let me know if you need anything else for your project.
25. I have a job interview scheduled for next week.
26. The flowers are beautiful. Thank you for thinking of me.
27. That restaurant is known for its amazing burgers.
28. The financial aid is critical for me to attend college.
29. I'm running late. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
30. This room is reserved for members only.
31. The recipe calls for two cups of flour.
32. Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.
33. I did this task for the experience.
34. Let's go somewhere hot for our next vacation.
35. I bought these gifts for my niece and nephew.
36. He volunteered for the charity to help those in need.
37. The medication is prescribed for high blood pressure.
38. This software is designed for business users.
39. They are searching for a missing hiker in the forest.
40. I enjoy reading books for leisure and pleasure.
41. The doctor advised him to exercise regularly for good health.
42. The children were rewarded for good behavior.
43. The plan was created for emergency situations.
44. I'm craving chocolate ice cream. Can you pick some up for me?
45. She is saving money for a down payment on a house.
46. Children under 12 are allowed free admission for the event.
47. I stayed up late for work every night last week.
48. This tool is designed for cutting wood.
49. Students were sent home early for the snowstorm.
50. I bought a birthday gift for my friend.
51. The product development took years for completion.
52. I apologize sincerely for any misunderstanding.
53. The employees received a bonus check for all their hard work.
54. We arrived early for the meeting.
55. The doctor recommended calcium supplements for strong bones.
56. We are raising money for charity.
57. The director praised the team for a job well done.
58. The medicine is safe for most people to use.
59. I'm saving money for a rainy day.
60. He exercised daily for overall wellness and fitness.

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