Gasper example sentences

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"Gasper" Example Sentences

1. When I saw the monster, I let out a gasper.
2. He gave a gasper of surprise when he saw how much money he had won.
3. The audience let out a collective gasper when the acrobat almost fell.
4. She couldn't help but gasp at the sight of the breathtaking view.
5. The victim let out a gasper as the murderer approached.
6. His performance startled me so much that I gave a gasper.
7. The doctor instructed the patient to take deep gaspers to relieve the pain.
8. The gasper he gave when he saw the ghost was loud enough to wake the dead.
9. She could see the gasper on his face when he realized his mistake.
10. The gasper in the audience was so loud it drowned out the music.
11. The teacher gave a gasper of amazement when she saw how creatively the student had written the essay.
12. He let out a gasper of relief when he realized he wasn't going to fail.
13. The car accident was so sudden that it elicited a gasper from everyone in the vicinity.
14. She covered her mouth to hide the gasper when she saw her ex-boyfriend with another girl.
15. The actor's gasper was so dramatic that it brought tears to the audience's eyes.
16. He gave a gasper when he saw the huge spider crawling up his leg.
17. The gasper he gave during the rollercoaster ride was heard throughout the park.
18. She let out a gasper of excitement at the sight of the new shoes she had been eyeing for weeks.
19. The gasper in his speech took the audience by surprise and left them speechless.
20. The loud gasper in the quiet library startled everyone studying.
21. When the plane took off, everyone let out a gasper at the sudden increase in speed.
22. The gasper on her face showed how surprised she was to see her favorite band enter the room.
23. He gave a gasper when he saw the size of the steak he had ordered.
24. The sudden siren of the ambulance elicited a gasper from everyone nearby.
25. She couldn't help but give a gasper of admiration at the dancer's graceful moves.
26. The gasper on the child's face when they saw the Christmas tree lit up was priceless.
27. The old man's gasper of joy when he saw his grandchildren arrive was heartwarming.
28. She let out a gasper when she saw the dress she had been searching for on sale.
29. The sound of the thunder elicited a gasper from the anxious dog hiding under the bed.
30. His gasper of fear was heard throughout the haunted house and scared all the other visitors.

Common Phases

Gasper is my favorite brand of cigarettes; Don't forget to bring a pack of gasper; I need a puff of gasper; He smokes nothing but gasper; My dad always smokes gasper; Can you light up my gasper?; Let's take a smoke break and have a gasper; I feel relaxed after smoking gasper; I can't quit gasper; Gasper is detrimental to your health; I hate the smell of gasper.

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