Gatherers example sentences

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"Gatherers" Example Sentences

1. The gatherers were out collecting sticks and kindling for the evening fire.
2. The tribe's gatherers were skilled at finding edible plants and fruits in the forest.
3. The group of gatherers worked tirelessly to collect enough berries to make jam.
4. The gatherers carefully harvested honey from the beehive.
5. The gatherers used baskets to collect mushrooms from the forest floor.
6. The gatherers were excited to find a field filled with ripe strawberries.
7. The gatherers had to be careful not to damage the delicate flowers while collecting nectar from the plants.
8. The gatherers sifted through the rocks in the river to find valuable gemstones.
9. The gatherers scanned the ocean floor for seashells and pearls.
10. The gatherers kept a lookout for predators while collecting eggs from the bird nests.
11. The gatherers climbed trees to collect coconuts.
12. The group of gatherers split up to cover more ground while searching for rare herbs.
13. The gatherers relied on their knowledge of the forest to navigate and find valuable resources.
14. The gatherers took turns carrying the heavy load of firewood back to their camp.
15. The gatherers hoarded acorns for the winter when food would be scarce.
16. The tribe's elders taught the young gatherers how to identify safe and nutritious plants to eat.
17. The gatherers used sharp tools to extract sap from the trees for medicinal purposes.
18. The gatherers worked together to catch fish using nets in the river.
19. The gatherers searched the desert for cactus fruit and hunted for small animals to eat.
20. The gatherers were praised for their important role in providing food and resources for the tribe.
21. The group of gatherers had to be careful not to disturb the nests of the birds while collecting feathers for decoration.
22. The gatherers used ropes and hooks to climb cliffs and collect bird eggs.
23. The gatherers sorted through piles of seaweed to find edible sea vegetables.
24. The gatherers used their keen senses to detect the presence of medicinal herbs in the forest.
25. The gatherers were wary of poisonous plants that could harm or kill them.
26. The tribespeople respected and admired the brave work of the gatherers.
27. The gatherers traded their resources with nearby tribes for other valuable goods.
28. The gatherers were grateful for the gifts of nature that allowed them to survive in the wilderness.
29. The gatherers were often the unsung heroes of the tribe, quietly providing for the community.
30. The gatherers were experts at finding and collecting all sorts of treasures from nature.

Common Phases

1. The gatherers scoured the forest for berries;
2. The gatherers collected mushrooms from beneath the fallen leaves;
3. The gatherers picked fresh herbs from the garden;
4. The gatherers plucked ripe fruits from the orchard;
5. The gatherers searched the beach for shells and seaweed;
6. The gatherers sifted through the sand for buried treasure;
7. The gatherers gathered firewood for the evening's campfire;
8. The gatherers harvested corn from the fields;
9. The gatherers rounded up wild horses from the open range;
10. The gatherers gathered honey from the bee hives.

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