Girlfriend example sentences

Related (8): partner, lover, companion, sweetheart, mate, soulmate, paramour, beloved.


[ˈɡərlˌfrend] ✕ Play

girlfriend (noun) · girlfriends (plural noun)

  - a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexual relationship:

  - a woman's female friend.


partner, lover, girl, woman, love, beloved, darling, dearest, sweetheart, cohabitee, inamorata, querida, lady, betrothed, leman

"Girlfriend" Example Sentences

1. I've been dating my girlfriend for two years now.
2. I introduced my girlfriend to my parents last weekend.
3. My girlfriend loves chocolate as much as I do.
4. My girlfriend and I love going for long walks in the park.
5. My girlfriend has really cheered me up during this difficult time.
6. My girlfriend and I spent the day shopping at the mall.
7. My girlfriend works as an accountant at a local firm.
8. I bought flowers for my girlfriend on our anniversary.
9. My girlfriend and I went out for dinner and a movie last night.
10. I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend on the weekends.
11. My girlfriend surprised me with a birthday cake.
12. My girlfriend's cooking has really improved recently.
13. My girlfriend met me after work so we could go out for drinks.
14. I'm thinking of proposing to my girlfriend soon.
15. Sarah has been my best friend since childhood, before she was my girlfriend.
16. I like to spend time cuddling with my girlfriend on the couch.
17. For Valentine's Day, I gave my girlfriend roses and chocolate.
18. My girlfriend doesn't like to go to parties very often.
19. Amy has been my girlfriend since our senior year of high school.
20. My girlfriend cheered me up after I had a bad day at work.
21. My girlfriend Jane comforted me when I got sick.
22. I showed my girlfriend all my favorite places from when I was a kid.
23. My girlfriend Maria brings out the best in me.
24. My girlfriend Liz enjoys going to concerts more than I do.
25. Sarah and I ended our relationship and she is no longer my girlfriend.
26. My girlfriend Jenny has a great sense of humor.
27. My girlfriend's family often invites me over for dinner on Sundays.
28. I will always cherish the memories I made with my first girlfriend.
29. I had to cancel my date with my girlfriend because I came down with the flu.
30. My girlfriend wants to go out dancing tonight but I'm too tired.
31. My girlfriend cheered me up after a bad day at work.
32. I always take my girlfriend's calls, no matter how busy I am.
33. My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday and I'm heartbroken.
34. My girlfriend wants to go on vacation together this summer.
35. I always listen attentively when my girlfriend wants to talk.
36. My girlfriend loves it when I surprise her with flowers.
37. I enjoyed meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time.
38. My girlfriend enjoys going to art museums more than i do.
39. My girlfriendJulia helped me study for my big physics exam.
40. My girlfriend is very athletic while I prefer more sedentary hobbies.
41. I couldn't stand to see my girlfriend cry over something I did.
42. My girlfriend taught me how to make her favorite dessert.
43. Samantha is my first serious girlfriend.
44. I wish I had cherished the time I had with my last girlfriend.
45. I want my next girlfriend to be my best friend.
46. My girlfriend Ruby and I broke up amicably and stayed friends.
47. My girlfriend Liz loves watching romantic comedies while I prefer action movies.
48. My girlfriend Natalie makes me want to be a better person.
49. I always look forward to calling my girlfriend at the end of the day.
50. My girlfriend Emma comforted me when my pet goldfish died.

Common Phases

1. My girlfriend
2. My first girlfriend
3. My ex-girlfriend
4. My girlfriend and I
5. My ideal girlfriend
6. My future girlfriend
7. My current girlfriend
8. My dream girlfriend
9. My last girlfriend
10. My previous girlfriend

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