Gossip example sentences

Related (6): Rumor, hearsay, chitchat, innuendo, grapevine, scandal.

"Gossip" Example Sentences

1. Don't listen to people's gossip.
2. He loves to spread gossip and rumors.
3. She ignores the office gossip.
4. Gossipmongers should mind their own business.
5. The tabloids spread celebrity gossip.
6. The girls sit around gossiping and laughing.
7. The worker's break room is filled with idle gossip.
8. They were trading gossip by the water cooler.
9. The rumors and gossip in the town spread like wildfire.
10. They spend hours gossiping about the neighbors.
11. Do not indulge in spreading gossip and rumors.
12. The old lady loves to gossip about the other villagers.
13. The ladies at church swapped the latest gossip.
14. She is famous for spreading vicious gossip.
15. The teacher warned the students not to gossip.
16. There were plenty of scandalous gossip at the party.
17. The reporter uncovered shocking insider gossip.
18. They whispered gossip about the new girl at school.
19. She did not want her secrets spilled in gossip.
20. Avoid spreading baseless gossip and lies.
21. Office gossip can be cruel and hurtful.
22. Her friends encouraged her to ignore the gossip.
23. Students often spread unfounded gossip.
24. They exchanged the latest schoolyard gossip.
25. The maid loves to gossip with the butler.
26. Her gossip ruined several friendships.
27. Small towns are rife with gossip and rumors.
28. Do not pass along gossip as truth.
29. Her gossip column was avidly read.
30. They thrived on petty gossip and scandal.
31. The maids gossip about their mistresses.
32. Her friends reveled in juicy gossip.
33. They gathered around to swap gossip.
34. Gossip can spread like a disease.
35. Malicious gossip can destroy reputations.
36 The canteen is always buzzing with workplace gossip.
37. Do not engage in spreading harmful gossip.
38. She is wary of idle gossip and rumors.
39. The party was full of interesting tittle-tattle and gossip.
40. The neighbors delighted in swapping neighborhood gossip.
41. The girls reveled in discussing the latest teenage gossip.
42. They spread malicious gossip about her.
43. Avoid spreading idle gossip.
44. The girl loves to spread schoolyard gossip.
45. Her idle gossip upset a lot of people.
46. Gossip soon spread like wildfire through the town.
47. The maid likes to gossip about her mistress.
48. She listened intently to all the latest gossip.
49. Do not spread idle gossip that hurts others.
50.Her gossip column was eagerly devoured by readers.
51.They gathered around to exchange the latest gossip.
52. Gossipmongers thrive on scandal and rumors.
53. She warned her daughter against listening to gossip.
54. Do not spread hurtful gossip about others.
55. Stop spreading that unfounded gossip at once!
56. The senator's aides closely guarded insider political gossip.
57. The office canteen was buzzing with workplace gossip.
58. The girl stood on the playground swapping gossip with friends.
59. I wish people would stop gossiping about me behind my back.
60. The magazine printed unsubstantiated celebrity gossip.

Common Phases

1. Idle gossip - Meaningless or baseless talk or rumors.
2. Gossipmonger - Someone who spreads gossip.
3. Gossip mill - An environment or place where a lot of gossip spreads.
4. Spread gossip - To talk about rumors or private information about others.
5. Juicy gossip - Very interesting or scandalous rumors.
6. Malicious gossip - Hurtful rumors spread with the intent to harm others.
7. Exchange gossip - To share rumors or private information with others.
8. Gossip columnist - A writer of a gossip column that reports on celebrities.
9. Stop the gossip - To put an end to rumors and talk about others.
10. Spread like wildfire - To spread very quickly, like gossip does.
11. Thrive on gossip - To enjoy and take pleasure in spreading or hearing rumors.
12. Mind your own business - Don't get involved in or spread others' gossip.
13. Avoid gossip - Don't participate in or spread rumors about others.
14. Can of worms - A troublesome or complicated situation, like gossip.
15. Hungry for gossip - Eager to hear the latest rumors or private information.

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