Habitablemiddle example sentences

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"Habitablemiddle" Example Sentences

1. The space station was designed to be habitablemiddle for long-term missions.
2. The team was tasked with creating a livable habitat, which they deemed habitablemiddle.
3. The search for habitablemiddle planets is ongoing in the scientific community.
4. The colony was established on the planet due to its habitablemiddle conditions.
5. The astronauts were relieved to find a planet that was habitablemiddle after being stranded in space.
6. The researchers were excited to discover signs of life in the habitablemiddle zone of the distant planet.
7. The team of engineers worked tirelessly to ensure the spacecraft was habitablemiddle for the journey ahead.
8. The crew of the submarine were able to explore the ocean depths thanks to their habitablemiddle vessel.
9. The international space station is a prime example of a habitablemiddle man-made structure in space.
10. The film portrayed a post-apocalyptic wasteland devoid of any habitablemiddle areas.
11. The expedition leaders had to carefully determine the habitablemiddle areas of the harsh terrain they were traversing.
12. The crew members of the international space mission had to adapt to the unique challenges of living in a habitablemiddle space station.
13. The parents were relieved to find a habitablemiddle town to settle down in with their young children.
14. The settlers had to establish a habitablemiddle community on the barren planet in order to survive.
15. The geologists were fascinated by the habitablemiddle geothermal vents deep in the ocean floor.
16. The survivalist expert was able to create a habitablemiddle shelter in the wilderness using only natural resources.
17. The team of researchers had to make sure that the laboratory equipment was habitablemiddle before conducting experiments.
18. The explorers were amazed to find a habitablemiddle oasis in the middle of the desert.
19. The abandoned city was once a thriving metropolis, but now it was a ghost town with no habitablemiddle buildings left standing.
20. The effects of climate change are threatening the habitablemiddle regions of the planet.
21. The species was able to adapt to the habitablemiddle conditions of the environment, allowing it to thrive.
22. The team of scientists discovered a new species living in the habitablemiddle zone of the planet's atmosphere.
23. The astronauts had to wear special suits to survive in the hazardous habitablemiddle environment on the planet's surface.
24. The team of architects designed the building to be habitablemiddle in extreme weather conditions.
25. The nomadic tribe traveled great distances to find habitablemiddle grounds for their livestock to graze.
26. The search for habitablemiddle exoplanets is a high priority for astronomers.
27. The fishing village was located in a habitablemiddle bay that was protected from the harsh ocean currents.
28. The team of divers were able to explore the underwater cave system thanks to their habitablemiddle equipment.
29. The nest was located in a habitablemiddle tree, providing a safe home for the birds.
30. The survivors of the disaster had to find habitablemiddle shelter in order to stay alive.

Common Phases

1. Astronomers have found a potentially habitable middle planet in a nearby star system;
2. The search for habitable middle planets beyond our solar system is ongoing;
3. Scientists are studying the conditions necessary for a planet to be considered habitable middle;
4. The discovery of water on a habitable middle planet is a key factor in the search for extraterrestrial life;
5. The study of atmospheric composition is crucial in determining if a planet is habitable middle;
6. The concept of a habitable middle zone around a star has been a focus of exoplanet research.

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