Handmaiden example sentences

Related (10): servant, assistant, companion, aide, follower, subordinate, supporter, helper, minion, gofer.

"Handmaiden" Example Sentences

1. She worked as a handmaiden in the queen's palace.
2. The handmaiden went to fetch the princess's gown for the ball.
3. The king's handmaiden prepared the royal feast.
4. The handmaiden was responsible for the upkeep of the castle's gardens.
5. The prince's handmaiden brought him his sword and shield before battle.
6. The queen's handmaiden was eager to please her majesty.
7. The handmaiden meticulously arranged the flowers in the vase.
8. The handmaiden was extremely loyal to the king.
9. The young handmaiden was learning how to sew from the queen's tailor.
10. The handmaiden was praised for her exceptional cooking skills.
11. The king's handmaiden was tasked with carrying important messages throughout the kingdom.
12. The handmaiden carried the princess's train during the wedding procession.
13. The queen's handmaiden was instrumental in organizing the annual royal ball.
14. The handmaiden was known for her gentle nature and kind heart.
15. It was the handmaiden's responsibility to ensure that the queen's chambers were spotless.
16. The handmaiden was given permission to attend the royal masquerade ball.
17. The king's handmaiden was given the highest honor within the court.
18. The handmaiden's role within the castle was vital to its functioning.
19. The queen's handmaiden was trained in the art of diplomacy.
20. The handmaiden was often tasked with accompanying the princess on her outings.
21. The king's handmaiden was highly respected amongst the courtiers.
22. The handmaiden was delighted to serve at the prince's coronation ceremony.
23. The queen's handmaiden was a confidant to her majesty.
24. The handmaiden was responsible for arranging the queen's wardrobe.
25. The king's handmaiden was praised for her bravery during times of war.
26. The handmaiden was forbidden from speaking out of turn around the queen.
27. The queen's handmaiden was tasked with greeting important dignitaries.
28. The handmaiden was given the honor of announcing the arrival of the king.
29. The king's handmaiden was granted permission to sit in on high-level discussions.
30. The handmaiden's dedication to her duties was unmatched within the castle.

Common Phases

1. The handmaiden brought the tray of refreshments; then quietly left the room.
2. As a handmaiden, she was tasked with cleaning and cooking; but she also served as a confidant to the queen.
3. The handmaiden was always at her lady's side during court functions; ensuring that her dress and hair were immaculate.
4. Despite being a handmaiden, she held a certain power within the castle; whispers and gossip often flowed through her hands.
5. The handmaiden carefully laid out the queen's jewelry for the evening; each piece more extravagant than the last.
6. The villagers whispered of the handmaiden who had been in service to the king for decades; no one could remember a time when she wasn't there.
7. As a handmaiden, her duties were endless; she rose early in the morning and worked tirelessly until long after sunset.
8. The handmaiden understood the importance of discretion; she knew when to keep her mouth shut and when to speak up.
9. Many viewed the handmaiden as nothing more than a servant; but those who knew her understood that she was an integral part of the castle's inner workings.
10. The handmaiden was often overlooked; but she took pride in knowing that her hard work helped keep the kingdom running smoothly.

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