Hatchel example sentences

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"Hatchel" Example Sentences

1. She used a hatchel to comb the raw flax fibers.
2. The hatchel made short work of the tangled wool.
3. He carefully removed the stray hairs from the hatchel.
4. The hatchel was a crucial tool in preparing the wool for spinning.
5. She had to buy a new hatchel after hers broke.
6. The hatchel smoothed out the cotton fibers, making them easier to spin.
7. Using a hatchel requires patience and a steady hand.
8. He ran the wool through the hatchel repeatedly until it was perfectly combed.
9. She was impressed with the hatchel's ability to remove even the tiniest impurities.
10. The hatchel's sharp teeth caught on the rough fibers, which made it easier to comb them out.
11. Without a hatchel, preparing the fibers for spinning would be an incredibly laborious task.
12. He took great care to keep the hatchel clean, which ensured that it always functioned properly.
13. The hatchel's teeth were so sharp that they could easily catch on clothing, so she had to be careful.
14. She enjoyed the process of working with the hatchel, finding it meditative and calming.
15. The hatchel was one of the many tools used in traditional hand-weaving.
16. He inherited his grandfather's hatchel, which had been in the family for generations.
17. The hatchel was a tool that required skill and practice to master.
18. She had a knack for using the hatchel, and was always able to get the fibers perfectly aligned.
19. The hatchel was a simple tool, but it played a vital role in the textile industry.
20. He borrowed his friend's hatchel, which was larger and more effective than his own.
21. Using a hatchel was hard work, but the end result was worth it.
22. She had to replace the hatchel's teeth every few years to ensure that it functioned properly.
23. The hatchel was one of the earliest tools used in textile production.
24. He spent hours working with the hatchel, perfecting his technique and developing his skills.
25. Without the hatchel, the fibers would remain tangled and unusable.
26. She kept the hatchel in a special case to protect it from damage.
27. The hatchel's teeth were sharp and unforgiving, so she was always careful when using it.
28. He admired the simplicity of the hatchel, yet appreciated the important role it played in spinning.
29. It took several passes through the hatchel to get the fibers perfectly aligned.
30. She had to adjust the tension on the hatchel to ensure that it was working at peak efficiency.

Common Phases

not change the word "hatchel"
1. I need to hatchel this flax before I can spin it into thread;
2. The hatchel is used to separate the fibers of the flax;
3. She works as a hatcheler at the textile mill;
4. The raw cotton needs to be hatcheled before it can be woven into fabric;
5. The hatchel is an essential tool in the textile industry.

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