Herbalists example sentences

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"Herbalists" Example Sentences

1. Many herbalists believe that natural remedies are the best approach to treating ailments.
2. The herbalists at the wellness center suggest using chamomile tea to promote relaxation.
3. These herbalists have studied the properties of various plants and herbs for many years.
4. Mary consults with herbalists to find the best natural remedies for her chronic pain.
5. The ancient Greeks were known to have relied heavily on herbalists for medicinal purposes.
6. Herbalists of the past used to concoct their remedies in secluded gardens.
7. Some herbalists specialize in creating remedies for specific types of illnesses.
8. The practice of herbalism has been passed down from generation to generation among many cultures, producing many experienced herbalists.
9. Lola prefers going to herbalists rather than modern doctors, as she believes in the natural remedies they offer.
10. Herbalists often mix and match herbs to create optimal remedies that target specific conditions.
11. The herbalist recommended taking ginger supplements to ease the patient’s gastric issues.
12. Few people are aware of the benefits of consulting with a herbalist for their health issues.
13. The village herbalist has a reputation for resolving a variety of ailments using natural remedies.
14. Some herbalists use their knowledge to create aromatherapy oils that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
15. Herbalists believe that many illnesses can be cured by making lifestyle changes.
16. The herbalist brewery produces drinks that utilize the healing properties of herbs.
17. The role of the herbalist is to provide a natural cure without causing further damage to the environment.
18. Herbalists often work in conjunction with traditional medical practitioners to provide a well-rounded approach to healthcare.
19. The work of the herbalist is not recognized in many modern societies, despite its long history of success.
20. Modern-day herbalists have added technology to their traditional practices to create modern remedies for illnesses.
21. Herbalists are experts in the cultivation, harvesting, and preparation of herbs that promote healing.
22. Emily has always been interested in herbal remedies, and even took some classes in herbalism to learn from experienced herbalists.
23. The ancient Egyptians employed the services of herbalists to promote good health and ward off diseases.
24. Many herbalists also offer dietary advice to complement their natural remedies.
25. Herbalists are often met with skepticism due to a lack of scientific evidence supporting their practices.
26. The use of herbal remedies has gained popularity in recent years as people search for natural alternatives to traditional medicine and turn to herbalists for guidance.
27. The local herbalist provided remedies that helped cure the community’s ailing patients during a smallpox epidemic.
28. Medical institutions are beginning to recognize the benefits of including herbalists in their healthcare teams.
29. Herbalists have a keen awareness of the environment and the impact of mankind on the earth.
30. The growing interest in herbalism has led to the introduction of more courses on the subject, producing a new generation of herbalists.

Common Phases

you have any herbs that can help with digestion; have you ever heard of using chamomile for anxiety; what is your favorite herbal remedy for a cold; can you recommend a natural sleep aid; which herbs are good for promoting healthy skin; have you worked with clients who use herbs for fertility; how do you prepare your herbal tinctures; can you tell me more about the benefits of using elderberry syrup.

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