I example sentences

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"I" Example Sentences

1. I like to go for walks in the park.
2. I had fun at the party last night.
3. I am learning how to cook new recipes.
4. I wish I could travel the world.
5. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.
6. I spend most weekends with my family.
7. I enjoy reading books in my free time.
8. I went hiking in the mountains last summer.
9. I remembered to take my umbrella today.
10. I need to pick up some milk from the store.
11. I hope you have a great day.
12. Please let me know if i can help you.
13. I apologize for being late.
14. Thank you for inviting me.
15. Call me if you need anything.
16. I finished my homework assignments.
17. I made a mistake and wanted to correct it.
18. I tried my best but failed.
19. I had an interesting conversation with a stranger.
20. I saw an amazing view from the top of the hill.
21. I had the opportunity to travel abroad last year.
22. I lost my keys this morning.
23. I promised I would be on time.
24. I woke up late this morning.
25. I really enjoyed that movie.
26. I ate too much cake at the party.
27. I met some interesting people at the conference.
28. I have been learning to play the guitar.
29. I slept in too late on the weekend.
30. I cannot wait to try that new restaurant.
31. Will you help me with this problem?
32. Can you hand me that book over there?
33. Why did you say that to me?
34. What time should i arrive tomorrow?
35. When will you be back home?
36. How was your trip last week?
37. Where should we meet for lunch?
38. Who did you see at the store?
39. Did you remember to lock the door?
40. Have you finished your work yet?
41. I deeply regret my past actions.
42. Iintend to keep my promise.
43. I endeavor to improve myself every day.
44. I wish I could turn back time.
45. I allege that he committed the crime.
46. I deduce the facts from the evidence.
47. Iinfer that she had left earlier.
48. I aspire to achieve great things in life.
49. I surmise the situation must be dire.
50. I postulate a theory about existence.
51. Goodbye, I have to leave now.
52. Hello, nice to meet you!
53. Excuse me, may I get through?
54. Pardon me, I did not mean to disturb you.
55. Hi, how are you doing today?
56. Nice talking to you, see you soon!
57. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
58. I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
59. Congratulations, that's amazing news!
60. I love you.

Common Phases

1. I see.
2. I understand.
3. I agree.
4. I beg your pardon.
5. I think so.
6. I believe you.
7. I apologize.
8. I am sorry.
9. I think not.
10. I beg to differ.
11. I don't know.
12. I don't think so.
13. I don't believe you.
14. I don't mind.
15. I don't agree.
16. I don't understand.
17. I don't remember.
18. I don't think I can.
19. I couldn't say.
20. I couldn't agree more.

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