Ideally example sentences

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"Ideally" Example Sentences

1. Ideally, the system should be easy to use and intuitive.
2. Ideally, students should finish the coursework on time.
3. Ideally, the meeting would start at 10am sharp.
4. Ideally, we would have more resources for this project.
5. Ideally, the weather would cooperate and stay sunny all day.
6. Ideally, candidates should have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.
7. Ideally, all businesses should strive for environmentally friendly practices.
8. Ideally, the bathroom would be remodeled over the summer break.
9. Ideally, citizens should be registered to vote and participate in elections.
10. Ideally, everyone should have access to basic necessities like food, water and shelter.
11. Ideally, the concert would sell out with thousands of fans attending.
12. Ideally, we would offer competitive benefits to attract top talent.
13. Ideally, the vacation house would be located right on the beach.
14. Ideally, the team would coordinate their efforts to achieve the goal.
15. Ideally, employees should be paid a fair and living wage.
16. Ideally, traffic would flow smoothly with no backups or congestion.
17. Ideally, the technology should be flawless and require no maintenance.
18. Ideally, the temperature inside the house would remain comfortable year-round.
19. Ideally, all children should have access to a safe and high-quality education.
20. Ideally, the kitchen would be spacious with lots of counter and cabinet space.
21. Ideally, the report would be completed thoroughly and on time.
22. Ideally, people would have access to healthy and affordable food options.
23. Ideally, sales would increase steadily over the next few months.
24. Ideally, the product would function as designed with no defects or issues.
25. Ideally, exercise should be included regularly in a healthy lifestyle.
26. Ideally, everyone would get along peacefully with respect for differing views.
27. Ideally, businesses would be ethical and environmentally sustainable.
28. Ideally, customers would leave the store satisfied with their purchase.
29. Ideally, the aisles of the store would be spacious enough for carts to pass.
30. Ideally, management would be responsive to employees' needs and concerns.
31. Ideally, drivers would follow all traffic laws for maximum safety.
32. Ideally, students would come to class prepared and ready to learn.
33. Ideally, the road trip would go smoothly with no traffic delays or accidents.
34. Ideally, facilities should be well maintained and updated regularly.
35. Ideally, prices of goods and services would reflect their true costs.
36. Ideally, everyone would have access to affordable and quality healthcare.
37. Ideally, the business plan would attract investors and secure funding.
38. Ideally, all countries would work together cooperatively for global peace.
39. Ideally, the construction project would finish on schedule and under budget.
40. Ideally, customers would receive fast and friendly service from all employees.
41. Ideally, research should be unbiased and seek only to uncover the truth.
42. Ideally, office space should be organized efficiently to maximize productivity.
43. Ideally, patients would receive compassionate and thorough medical care.
44. Ideally, challenges would arise as opportunities for growth and learning.
45. Ideally, wild animals would live freely in their natural habitats.
46. Ideally, governmental policies would reflect the will and interests of the people.
47. Ideally, public transportation would be extensive, affordable and reliable.
48. Ideally, reusable items would replace single-use plastics.
49. Ideally, appliances would be designed to last for many years with few repairs.
50. Ideally, all citizens would participate in and contribute to their communities.

Common Phases

1. Ideally suited
This phrase means perfectly fit for a particular purpose or role.
2. Ideally placed
When something is ideally placed, it is in the most convenient or advantageous position.
3. Ideally located
Situated in a place that provides the best or most convenient conditions.
4. Ideally timed
Happening at a time that makes it most effective or convenient.
5. Ideally qualified
Having the perfect or most suitable qualifications for a particular thing.
6. Ideally designed
Made in an ideal or perfect way to achieve a specific purpose.
7. Ideally adapted
Being perfectly suited or adjusted for a particular use.
8. Ideally matched
Corresponding perfectly to each other in characteristics and ability.
9. Ideally positioned
Located in the most advantageous place with respect to conditions or circumstances.
10. Ideally equipped
Possessing all the skills, tools, and resources required for a particular purpose.

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