Imf example sentences

Related (3): loans, development, conditionality.

"Imf" Example Sentences

1. The IMF has been providing support to developing countries since its inception.
2. The Argentine government recently requested a loan from the IMF.
3. The IMF is responsible for promoting international monetary cooperation.
4. During the 2008 financial crisis, the IMF played a crucial role in stabilizing the global economy.
5. The IMF has been criticized for imposing austerity measures on countries in exchange for loans.
6. The IMF's managing director Christine Lagarde spoke at the World Economic Forum last week.
7. The IMF predicts that global economic growth will slow down this year.
8. Many countries have quota subscriptions to the IMF.
9. The IMF provides technical assistance to its member countries.
10. The IMF's executive board is made up of representatives from member countries.
11. The IMF has been involved in reducing poverty in developing countries.
12. Some experts argue that the IMF's policies have exacerbated economic problems in certain countries.
13. The IMF's primary goal is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system.
14. The IMF is currently working with Ukraine to address its economic challenges.
15. China is one of the IMF's largest shareholders.
16. The IMF's latest report suggests that the global economy is facing significant risks.
17. The IMF's role in the Greek debt crisis has been a subject of controversy.
18. The IMF's special drawing rights are a type of international reserve asset.
19. The IMF provides loans to countries that are experiencing balance of payments difficulties.
20. The IMF has been advocating for greater financial regulation in the wake of the 2008 crisis.
21. The IMF's staff includes economists and financial experts from around the world.
22. The IMF has been working to promote inclusive growth in low-income countries.
23. The IMF has been calling on countries to address income inequality.
24. The IMF and the World Bank have been collaborating on development projects for decades.
25. Many countries have benefited from IMF loans over the years.
26. The IMF has been involved in addressing debt sustainability in many countries.
27. The IMF provides guidance on monetary and fiscal policies to its member countries.
28. The IMF's leadership has been criticized for failing to address issues of gender diversity.
29. The IMF has been providing emergency financial assistance to countries affected by natural disasters.
30. The IMF's surveillance activities aim to detect economic risks before they become crises.

Common Phases

1. The IMF provides financial assistance to member countries;
2. Countries often turn to the IMF for loans during economic crises;
3. The IMF also conducts economic surveillance to ensure stability in member countries;
4. The IMF works with governments to implement policies that promote sustainable economic growth;
5. The IMF is sometimes criticized for imposing strict conditions on loans;
6. The IMF plays a crucial role in international finance and development.

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