Jabberingly example sentences

Related (7): gibberishly, blabberingly, chattering, prattling, droning, yammering, rambling.

"Jabberingly" Example Sentences

1. Despite her friends' attempts to calm her down, she continued jabberingly about her ex-boyfriend.
2. The comedian on stage was jabberingly hilarious.
3. The radio was jabberingly loud, making it hard for me to focus on driving.
4. The toddler was jabberingly excited about the new toy.
5. During the meeting, the boss was jabberingly anxious as he went over the financials.
6. The drunk man at the bar was jabberingly slurring his words.
7. The news anchor on TV was jabberingly reporting on the breaking news.
8. The parrot in the pet store was jabberingly repeating everything it heard.
9. The group of teenagers were jabberingly gossiping about their classmates.
10. The actor in the play was jabberingly reciting his lines.

11. The politician was jabberingly making promises to the crowd during the campaign speech.
12. The teacher was jabberingly explaining the lesson to the students.
13. The salesman was jabberingly trying to sell the product to the customer.
14. The drunk driver was jabberingly trying to explain why he got pulled over.
15. The children were jabberingly telling each other ghost stories at the sleepover.
16. The sports commentator was jabberingly describing the game to the audience.
17. The comedian's jokes were jabberingly offensive to some in the audience.
18. The customer service representative was jabberingly trying to resolve the issue for the customer.
19. The homeless man on the street was jabberingly muttering to himself.
20. The actor's improv skills were jabberingly impressive during the performance.
21. The speed-talker was jabberingly speaking so fast it was hard to keep up.
22. The group of friends were jabberingly reminiscing about old times.
23. The radio show host was jabberingly discussing controversial topics.
24. The customer in the store was jabberingly telling the cashier about her day.
25. The comedian's opening joke was jabberingly confusing for some in the audience.
26. The toddler in the stroller was jabberingly babbling about everything he saw.
27. The movie critic was jabberingly ranting about bad movies.
28. The teenager was jabberingly explaining slang terms to her parents.
29. The auctioneer was jabberingly announcing the bids.
30. The politician was jabberingly filibustering in Congress.

Common Phases

1. She spoke jabberingly; her words a stream of incomprehensible sounds.
2. The toddler jabbered jabberingly as she played with her toys.
3. The drunk man stumbled around, speaking jabberingly to anyone who would listen.
4. Despite her nervousness, the student gave her presentation without speaking jabberingly.
5. The parrot mimicked its owner, talking jabberingly in a mix of English and Spanish.
6. The old man mumbled jabberingly to himself as he shuffled down the street.
7. The comedian's joke fell flat, leaving the audience staring at him jabberingly.
8. The politician spoke jabberingly, never answering the interviewer's questions directly.
9. The group of teenagers chattered jabberingly, excitedly discussing their plans for the weekend.
10. The foreigner tried to speak the language jabberingly, but struggled to string together coherent sentences.

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