Jewel example sentences

Related (10): diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, pearl, opal, garnet, turquoise

"Jewel" Example Sentences

1. The crown jewel of the collection was the large diamond necklace.
2. Her smile was a jewel that lit up the room.
3. The diamond earrings were precious jewels.
4. The emerald brooch was an exquisite jewel.
5. The red ruby was an eye-catching jewel.
6. She treasured the pearl necklace as her most precious jewel.
7. The sapphire ring was an elegant jewel.
8. The aquamarine bracelet was a colorful jewel.
9. The museum housed many ancient jewels.
10. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, her most treasured jewels.
11. The museum is a jewel in the city.
12. The necklace of pearls was one of her most cherished jewels.
13. The opal earrings gave off a kaleidoscopic play of colors like living jewels.
14. The museum was a cultural jewel in the town.
15. The abalone shell was an iridescent jewel of the sea.
16. The amethyst ring sparkled like a royal jewel.
17. He treated her like a precious jewel.
18. The topaz beads were hot yellow jewels.
19. The quiet sanctuary was a jewel in the hectic city.
20. The aquarium is a sparkling jewel on the waterfront.
21. The young girl was her parent's greatest jewel.
22. The jade carvings were beautiful, cold green jewels.
23. The art museum was a cultural jewel of the city.
24. The lounge was an intimate jewel in the hotel's crown.
25. The restaurant was a hidden jewel undiscovered by most tourists.
26. His words were precious jewels imparting wisdom.
27. The turquoise figurine was an exotic jewel.
28. The library housed countless intellectual jewels.
29. The bonsai garden was a serene jewel on campus.
30. The garnet necklace cast a rich glow like an ember jewel.
31. The park was a verdant jewel in the cityscape.
32. The cafe was a quaint jewel tucked away on a side street.
33. The botanical garden was a lush jewel in the city.
34. The pendant was moonstone, an opalescent jewel.
35. The coral necklace was a collection of colorful sea jewels.
36. The opera house is a cultural jewel in the city.
37. The university is an academic jewel in our state.
38. Her insight was a precious jewel that shed light on the subject.
39. The inlaid ivory boxes were exquisite jewels of craftsmanship.
40. The museum contains priceless jewels of art and history.
41. The sculpture garden was a hidden jewel on campus.
42. The orchid greenhouse was an exotic jewel on the university grounds.
43. The peaceful garden was a hidden jewel in the midst of the bustling city.
44. The onyx ring was a simple yet elegant jewel.
45. The chandelier was a glittering jewel hung from the high ceiling.
46. The observatory is an astronomical jewel perched on the hilltop.
47. The garden was a jewel of serenity and beauty.
48. Her smile lit up the room like a radiant jewel.
49. The lighthouse is a majestic jewel that has stood guard over the shore for centuries.
50. The charming cafe is a hidden jewel everyone should discover.
51. The theater was a historic jewel in the heart of downtown.
52. The tree studded landscape was an emerald jewel in the midst of the desert.
53. The cabin was a rustic jewel nestled in the forested valley.
54. The grand piano was a gleaming jet black jewel in the corner of the room.
55. The rose garden was a colorful jewel of reds and pinks.
56. The cafe was a tiny jewel box of a place tucked away on the side street.
57. The lakefront park was a glittering jewel on the horizon at sunset.
58. Her smile sparkled like a brilliant jewel.
59. The botanical gardens were a verdant jewel in the cityscape.
60. The glass beads cast rainbows of color like living jewels on the necklace.

Common Phases

• Crown jewel
• Hidden jewel
• Cultural jewel
• Sparkling jewel
• Precious jewel
• Treasure(d) jewel
• Living jewel
Jewel in the crown
Jewel of the collection
Jewel of the sea
Jewel of a restaurant
Jewel box (of a place)
Jeweled (used as an adjective)
• Eye-catching jewel
• Exquisite jewel
• Rustic jewel
• Colorful jewel
• Majestic jewel
• Ember jewel
• Verdant jewel
• Kaleidoscopic jewel
• Glittering jewel
• Cha(t)terring jewel
• Radiant jewel

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