Joists example sentences

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"Joists" Example Sentences

1. The joists in the roof of the old barn were rotting and in need of replacement.
2. The carpenter carefully measured and cut the joists to fit the specifications of the building.
3. The weight of the heavy machinery caused the joists to bend and creak under the strain.
4. The joists in the basement were exposed and needed to be covered with drywall.
5. The construction crew had to reinforce the joists of the second floor after discovering a structural weakness.
6. The building code required the joists to be spaced no more than 16 inches apart.
7. The joists provided the necessary support for the second story balcony.
8. The contractor used high-quality materials when building the joists to ensure their longevity.
9. The roofer inspected the joists to make sure they were securely fastened to the walls.
10. The fire inspector identified a potential fire hazard in the attic due to flammable materials being stored near the joists.
11. The homeowner noticed a sagging in the floorboards and called a professional to inspect the joists.
12. The carpenter hammered the new joists in place, securing them with metal brackets.
13. The joists were made of pine wood, which is known for its durability and strength.
14. The engineer calculated the load capacity of the joists to ensure they could support the weight of the roof.
15. The building owner requested that the contractor use treated lumber for the joists to prevent termite damage.
16. The contractor installed additional joists to create more space in the attic for storage.
17. The roofer repaired the damaged joists and made sure they were properly sealed to prevent leaking.
18. The architect designed the building with exposed joists to create an industrial aesthetic.
19. The carpenter used a laser level to ensure the joists were installed perfectly straight.
20. The joists were painted white to match the ceiling and make the room look brighter.
21. The homeowner had to remove the drywall to access the joists and make repairs to the plumbing.
22. The engineer recommended installing steel joists to support the heavy construction equipment.
23. The inspector checked the spacing and thickness of the joists to ensure they met the building code requirements.
24. The weight of the snow caused some of the weakened joists to buckle and snap.
25. The carpenter nailed the joists into place, making sure they were evenly spaced and level.
26. The building owner requested that the contractor insulate the joists for better energy efficiency.
27. The rodent infestation caused damage to the joists, requiring immediate repair.
28. The joists were covered in mold due to a leak in the roof that went unnoticed for months.
29. The homeowner installed recessed lighting between the joists to modernize the room.
30. The carpenter had to cut custom angles into the joists to fit the unique shape of the vaulted ceiling.

Common Phases

1. "The joists need to be spaced evenly."
2. "Make sure the joists are level before attaching the decking."
3. "The weight of the roof needs to be evenly distributed among the joists."
4. "Joist hangers should be used to secure the joists to the support beams."
5. "The length of the joists should be measured and cut accurately to ensure proper fit."

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