Laagers example sentences

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[ˈläɡər] ✕ Play

laagers (plural noun)

  - a camp or encampment formed by a circle of wagons.

  - an entrenched position or viewpoint that is defended against opponents:

  - form (vehicles) into a laager:

  - make camp:


camp, bivouac, cantonment, barracks, base, station, post, campsite, tents

"Laagers" Example Sentences

1. The laagers were set up in a circular formation for maximum protection.
2. The soldiers in the laagers were alert and ready for any potential threats.
3. The enemy army attempted to breach the laagers, but were unsuccessful.
4. The civilians were instructed to take shelter inside the laagers during the attack.
5. The construction of the laagers took several hours to complete.
6. The chief ordered his tribe to pack up their belongings and move to a new laager.
7. The laagers were strategically placed near a water source for easy access.
8. The leader of the expedition designated different jobs for each member of the laagers.
9. The laagers provided a sense of security for the group of travelers.
10. The horses were tied up outside of the laagers to prevent them from wandering off.
11. The scout reported back to the laagers with information on the enemy's movements.
12. The campfire in the center of the laagers provided warmth and a place to cook food.
13. The children played games together in the open area of the laagers.
14. The travelers traded goods with other groups who passed through their laagers.
15. The laagers were well-fortified and provided a strong defense against attacks.
16. The leader of the laagers made decisions based on the advice of his most trusted advisors.
17. The government provided supplies to the laagers to ensure their survival.
18. The laagers were a refuge for those fleeing from war and persecution.
19. The animals in the laagers were kept well-fed and healthy.
20. The inhabitants of the laagers continued their daily routine despite the threat of danger.
21. The laagers were constantly patrolled by guards to ensure the safety of everyone inside.
22. The group gathered around the leader of the laagers to listen to his instructions.
23. The laagers were designed to be easily dismantled and moved to a new location if necessary.
24. The community in the laagers worked together to solve problems and overcome obstacles.
25. The laagers were a temporary refuge until the group could reach their final destination.
26. The guard dogs kept watch over the laagers and alerted the group to any potential danger.
27. The traders who visited the laagers brought news and stories from other parts of the world.
28. The laagers provided a sense of community and belonging to those who had lost everything.
29. The children were homeschooled within the laagers to ensure they received an education.
30. The laagers were a testament to the resiliency and adaptability of human beings.

Common Phases

1. Let's set up our laagers; we don't want to be caught out in the open at night.
2. The wildlife can be dangerous out here; we should create a sturdy laager to protect ourselves.
3. I've brought plenty of supplies for our laager; we won't have to venture too far from here.
4. It's time to start building our laager; we don't want to waste any daylight.
5. We should make sure our laager is concealed; we don't want to attract unwanted attention.
6. I'll take first watch at the laager; we need to remain vigilant at all times.
7. Don't forget to dig a trench around our laager; it will help to deter any unwanted visitors.
8. We need to gather more firewood for our laager; the night can get quite chilly out here.
9. Let's build a makeshift shelter within our laager; it will provide extra protection from the elements.
10. We've got enough food and water to last us a few days at the laager; let's rest up and plan our next move.

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