Label example sentences

Related (10): Sticker, tag, brand, marker, sign, emblem, trademark, nameplate, logo, signature.


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label (noun) · labels (plural noun)

  - a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it:

  - a piece of fabric sewn inside a garment and bearing the brand name, size, or instructions for care:

  - the piece of paper in the center of a record giving the artist and title.

  - a company that produces recorded music:

  - the name or trademark of a fashion company:

  - a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive:

  - (in a dictionary entry) a word or words used to specify the subject area, register, or geographical origin of the word being defined:

  - a string of characters used to refer to a particular instruction in a program.

  - a radioactive isotope, fluorescent dye, or enzyme used to make something identifiable for study:

  - a narrow horizontal strip, typically with three downward projections, that is superimposed on a coat of arms by an eldest son during the life of his father.

  - another term for dripstone

  - attach a label to (something):

  - assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively:


tag, ticket, tab, sticker, marker, docket, chit, flag, stamp, document, documentation, brand, trademark, line, make, logo, designation, denomination, description, characterization, identification, tag, name, epithet, nickname, title, sobriquet, byname, appellation, cognomen, dripstone, tag, tab, ticket, stamp, mark, docket, flag, categorize, classify, class, characterize, describe, designate, identify, mark, stamp, pronounce, brand, condemn, pigeonhole, stereotype, typecast, compartmentalize, typify, call, name, term, dub, nickname

"Label" Example Sentences

1. I need to label these boxes with their contents.
2. The label on the shirt said it was made in China.
3. She always checks the label to see the nutritional information.
4. I forgot to label my lunch and ended up eating someone else's.
5. The label on the medicine bottle said to take one pill every four hours.
6. He carefully peeled off the label from the wine bottle.
7. The label on the map indicated the location of the nearest hospital.
8. The dress had a label that read "Dry clean only."
9. I can't read the label on this jar, it's too small.
10. She used a black marker to label the shipping boxes.
11. If you want to sell your product, you need to have a catchy label.
12. The doctor wrote his name on a label and stuck it to the patient's chart.
13. He always removes the labels from his clothes before wearing them.
14. I'm not sure if this label is accurate, we should double-check the ingredients.
15. The label on the package warned of potential allergens.
16. The artist designed a unique label for his homemade jam.
17. She was surprised to see her ex-boyfriend's name on a label at the museum.
18. The teacher asked the students to label a diagram of the human body.
19. The label on the envelope was smudged and difficult to read.
20. He marked each box with a label indicating the room it belonged in.
21. She created custom labels for her homemade candles.
22. The label on the can of soup stated that it contained 2 servings.
23. He couldn't find the label for his suitcase and had to describe it to the airline attendant.
24. The clothing manufactured was removed the labels because of a safety concern.
25. The label on the toy instructed parents to supervise their children while playing.
26. She put a label on her luggage to avoid it being lost in transit.
27. The label on the back of the painting indicated its date and creator.
28. The manufacturer redesigned the label to include new warnings.
29. He mistakenly put the wrong label on the envelope and it was returned to him.
30. She spent hours designing the perfect label for her homemade soap.

Common Phases

1. Apply the label firmly;
2. Read the label carefully;
3. Peel off the label slowly;
4. Stick the label onto the package;
5. Remove the label completely;
6. Check the label for accuracy;
7. Store the labeled items together;
8. Position the label in a visible place;
9. Use a waterproof label for outdoor use;
10. Print the label clearly.

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