Labelled example sentences

Related (14): tagged, identified, named, categorized, designated, marked, classified, titled, branded, described, characterized, dubbed, assigned, termed


[ˈlābəl] ✕ Play

labelled (past tense) · labelled (past participle)

  - attach a label to (something):

  - assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively:


tag, tab, ticket, stamp, mark, docket, flag, categorize, classify, class, characterize, describe, designate, identify, mark, stamp, pronounce, brand, condemn, pigeonhole, stereotype, typecast, compartmentalize, typify, call, name, term, dub, nickname

"Labelled" Example Sentences

1. Can you check if all the boxes have been properly labelled?
2. The product was labelled as organic but it contained preservatives.
3. He labelled his enemies as traitors to the country.
4. Be sure to clearly label the folders before placing them in the cabinet.
5. The bottles were labelled with the expiry date for consumers' safety.
6. The file was labelled with a red sticker for urgent priority.
7. The packages were labelled with fragile stickers to indicate that they needed to be handled with care.
8. The museum had labelled every exhibit with its historical significance.
9. She labelled her emotions as a roller coaster ride during the breakup.
10. The room numbers were labelled on the doors for easy navigation.
11. The ingredients list on the package was properly labelled to avoid any allergies.
12. The candy jars were labelled with the flavors to avoid any confusion.
13. The team was labelled as underdogs due to their performance in the previous match.
14. The items in the lost and found were labelled before being kept in the locker.
15. The boxes were labelled alphabetically for easy inventory management.
16. The people who litter are often labelled as irresponsible and careless.
17. The new discovery was labelled as a breakthrough in cancer research.
18. The doctors labelled her condition as terminal and gave her two weeks to live.
19. The contestant was labelled as a dark horse because of her humble background.
20. The player was labelled as the team's MVP for her outstanding performance.
21. The paintings in the gallery were all labelled with the artist's name and the year of creation.
22. The packaging was labelled with instructions on how to use the product.
23. The area was labelled as the crime zone due to the high incidence of theft and robbery.
24. The street sign was labelled as "no parking" in bold letters.
25. The meat products were labelled with the country of origin to ensure quality and safety standards.
26. The label on the bottle indicated the alcohol percentage for people to be cautious while drinking.
27. The items on the menu were labelled with symbols to indicate if they were vegan or gluten-free.
28. The laboratory equipment was labelled with warnings to avoid accidents while conducting experiments.
29. The political party was labelled as extremist due to their radical ideologies.
30. The artifacts in the museum were labelled with an interactive map for visitors' ease.

Common Phases

1. The package is labelled fragile; handle with care.
2. The food products are labelled organic; no pesticides were used.
3. The toy is labelled age-appropriate; suitable for children above 3 years.
4. The public area is labelled non-smoking; smoking is strictly prohibited.
5. The medicine bottle is labelled prescribed; do not exceed the dosage.
6. The clothing item is labelled dry-clean only; machine washing is not recommended.
7. The hazardous material is labelled toxic; take proper precautions.
8. The plant is labelled poisonous; do not ingest any part of it.
9. The file is labelled confidential; access restricted to authorized personnel only.
10. The event is labelled exclusive; invitation required for entry.

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