Laborings example sentences

Related (7): exertions, toilings, efforts, struggles, endeavors, grindings, drudgeries


[ˈlāb(ə)riNG] ✕ Play

labouring (adjective) · laboring (adjective)

  - working at an unskilled manual occupation:

  - working or moving with difficulty:

  - (of a ship) rolling or pitching heavily:

  - (of a woman) in labor; in the process of giving birth:


[ˈlābər] ✕ Play

laboring (present participle)

  - work hard; make great effort:

  - work at an unskilled manual occupation:

  - till (the ground):

  - have difficulty in doing something despite working hard:

  - move or proceed with difficulty:

  - (of an engine) work noisily and with difficulty:

  - (of a ship) roll or pitch heavily:

  - (of a woman in childbirth) be in labor:


toil, struggle, strive, overwork, drudge, travail, moil, rest, relax, laze, strive, struggle, endeavor, work, fight, push, lurch, plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, pitchpole

"Laborings" Example Sentences

1. The laborings of the construction workers could be heard from blocks away.
2. Day after day, the farmer's laborings led to a bountiful harvest.
3. The artist's laborings on the painting were meticulous.
4. Despite his laborings, the inventor's invention never quite worked.
5. The writer's laborings produced a novel worthy of recognition.
6. The teacher's laborings in the classroom were tireless.
7. Through years of laborings, the company finally became successful.
8. The scientist's laborings led to a groundbreaking discovery.
9. The musician's laborings were evident in the beautiful melody he played.
10. The engineer's laborings resulted in a strong and sturdy bridge.
11. The laborings of the dock workers kept the port running smoothly.
12. The athlete's laborings led to a gold medal in the Olympics.
13. Despite his laborings, the chef's dish fell short of expectations.
14. The artist's laborings on the sculpture were breathtaking.
15. The teacher's laborings paid off when her students received high grades.
16. The laborings of the rescue workers saved many lives during the natural disaster.
17. The entrepreneur's laborings paid off when her start-up became successful.
18. Despite the laborings of the doctors, the patient passed away.
19. The writer's laborings on the poem were poetic and moving.
20. The nurse's laborings in the hospital were necessary and appreciated.
21. Despite the team's laborings, they lost the championship game.
22. The laborings of the construction crew created a beautiful building.
23. The scientist's laborings resulted in a cure for the disease.
24. The laborings of the volunteers made the charity event a success.
25. The researcher's laborings led to new insights and understanding.
26. The farmer's laborings in the fields were essential for feeding the nation.
27. The musician's laborings on the guitar resulted in a fantastic performance.
28. Despite her laborings, the lawyer lost the case in court.
29. The artist's laborings on the mural were breathtaking and detailed.
30. The teacher's laborings in the school led to her receiving the "Teacher of the Year" award.

Common Phases

1. The laborings of the committee were evident; they had been working tirelessly to produce a solution.
2. Despite the laborings of the construction crew, the project was behind schedule.
3. The laborings of the nurse were heroic; she had worked a double shift and still had a smile on her face.
4. The laborings of the artist paid off in the end; their masterpiece was well-received by critics.
5. The laborings of the farmer were never-ending; there was always work to be done on the land.
6. The laborings of the athlete were intense; they trained for hours every day to reach their goals.
7. The laborings of the scientist led to a breakthrough discovery; their hard work had finally paid off.
8. The laborings of the chef were apparent in the delicious meal they had prepared.
9. The laborings of the soldier were necessary for the safety of the country.
10. The laborings of the writer resulted in a bestselling novel; they had poured their heart and soul into the work.

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