Laboured example sentences

Related (6): strained, toiled, exerted, struggled, slogged, plodded


[ˈlābər] ✕ Play

laboured (past tense) · laboured (past participle)

  - work hard; make great effort:

  - work at an unskilled manual occupation:

  - till (the ground):

  - have difficulty in doing something despite working hard:

  - move or proceed with difficulty:

  - (of an engine) work noisily and with difficulty:

  - (of a ship) roll or pitch heavily:

  - (of a woman in childbirth) be in labor:


[ˈlābərd] ✕ Play

laboured (adjective)

  - done with great effort and difficulty:

  - (especially of humor or a performance) not spontaneous or fluent:


toil, struggle, strive, overwork, drudge, travail, moil, rest, relax, laze, strive, struggle, endeavor, work, fight, push, lurch, plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, pitchpole, strained, difficult, forced, laborious, heavy, awkward, easy, contrived, stiff, strained, stilted, forced, unnatural, artificial, mannered, studied, affected, overdone, overworked, heavy, ponderous, overelaborate, awkward, clumsy, inelegant, turgid, laborious, overwrought, unconvincing, convoluted, complex, intricate, ornate, elaborate, prolix, natural, Legal

"Laboured" Example Sentences

1. The construction worker laboured under the scorching sun.
2. She laboured for hours to finish the project.
3. The writer laboured over every word in his manuscript.
4. He laboured through the difficult workout.
5. The farmer laboured in the fields all day.
6. The employees laboured to meet the deadline.
7. The mother laboured for hours before giving birth.
8. He laboured to lift the heavy box.
9. The chef laboured over the elaborate dish.
10. The singer laboured through the challenging song.
11. She laboured to make ends meet with her low-wage job.
12. The mechanic laboured to fix the broken engine.
13. The artist laboured over the intricate details of the painting.
14. The surgeon laboured to save the patient's life.
15. The detective laboured to piece together the clues of the case.
16. The students laboured through the difficult exam.
17. The runner laboured to finish the marathon.
18. The teacher laboured to explain the complex topic.
19. The gardener laboured to maintain the beautiful landscape.
20. The engineer laboured to design the new building.
21. The musician laboured to compose the perfect melody.
22. The athlete laboured through the gruelling training session.
23. The painter laboured to complete the mural.
24. The scholar laboured to translate the ancient text.
25. The actress laboured to deliver the emotional monologue.
26. The firefighter laboured to put out the raging fire.
27. The translator laboured to bridge the language barrier.
28. The explorer laboured through the rough terrain to reach the summit.
29. The coach laboured to motivate the team to victory.
30. The builder laboured to construct the sturdy foundation.

Common Phases

1. He breathed; every intake of air was laboured.
2. She spoke; her words were laboured and strained.
3. They walked; each step was laboured and slow.
4. He worked; every movement was laboured and deliberate.
5. She laughed; the sound was laboured and forced.
6. They ate; every bite was laboured and difficult.
7. He slept; his breathing was laboured and loud.
8. She ran; her movements were laboured and uncoordinated.
9. They climbed; each ascent was laboured and exhausting.
10. He lifted; the weight was laboured and heavy.

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