Labourorigin example sentences

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"Labourorigin" Example Sentences

1. The labourorigin of this project can be traced back to the original founders.
2. She was proud of her labourorigin and the hard work she put in to achieve her goals.
3. The company's success is a testament to its labourorigin and dedication to quality.
4. The government's commitment to improving the labourorigin of its citizens is commendable.
5. His labourorigin as a farmer has given him a deep appreciation for the land and its resources.
6. The author's labourorigin as a journalist is evident in his writing style.
7. The labourorigin of this product is evident in its high quality and attention to detail.
8. She traced her labourorigin back to her immigrant parents who worked tirelessly to make a better life for their children.
9. The labourorigin of this policy can be found in extensive research and consultation with industry experts.
10. The labourorigin of this painting is a mystery, as the artist's identity is unknown.
11. The labourorigin of this musical genre dates back to the early 20th century.
12. The labourorigin of this piece of furniture is evident in its intricate design and craftsmanship.
13. The labourorigin of this recipe can be traced back to generations of family tradition.
14. The labourorigin of this building is a testament to the hard work and skill of the architects and builders.
15. The labourorigin of this invention was a result of years of experimentation and innovation.
16. The labourorigin of this sculpture is evident in its lifelike details and naturalistic form.
17. The labourorigin of this garment can be traced back to the textile mills of the Industrial Revolution.
18. The labourorigin of this film was a collaborative effort between a talented cast and crew.
19. The labourorigin of this jewelry design is rooted in the cultural traditions of its creators.
20. The labourorigin of this play can be traced back to the playwright's personal experiences and observations.
21. The labourorigin of this medical breakthrough was a result of tireless research and experimentation.
22. The labourorigin of this artwork is reflected in its emotional depth and expressive power.
23. The labourorigin of this dance style is rooted in the cultural traditions of its origin country.
24. The labourorigin of this scientific theory is a result of years of observation, experimentation, and analysis.
25. The labourorigin of this sculpture was a result of the artist's meticulous attention to detail and skillful technique.
26. The labourorigin of this architectural masterpiece is evident in its grandeur and meticulous design.
27. The labourorigin of this social movement was a result of collective action and grassroots activism.
28. The labourorigin of this fashion trend can be traced back to the personal style of influential individuals.
29. The labourorigin of this musical instrument can be found in the technological advancements of its time.
30. The labourorigin of this technological innovation was a result of visionary thinking and development.

Common Phases

- Labourorigin refers to the process of childbirth;
- The pain experienced during labourorigin can vary from woman to woman;
- Many women choose to have pain relief during labourorigin;
- The length of labourorigin can also vary, from several hours to several days;
- It is important to have a plan in place for labourorigin, including a birth plan and a support team;
- Proper prenatal care can help ensure a safe and healthy labourorigin;
- In some cases, complications during labourorigin may require medical intervention;
- After labourorigin, it is important to take time to rest and recover.

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