Labours example sentences

Related (7): tasks, toils, efforts, exertions, endeavors, drudgeries, exercises


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labours (plural noun)

  - work, especially hard physical work:

  - workers, especially manual workers, considered collectively:

  - manual workers considered as a social class or political force:

  - a department of government concerned with a nation's workforce:

  - (in the UK or Canada) the Labour Party:

  - the process of childbirth, especially the period from the start of uterine contractions to delivery:

  - work hard; make great effort:

  - work at an unskilled manual occupation:

  - till (the ground):

  - have difficulty in doing something despite working hard:

  - move or proceed with difficulty:

  - (of an engine) work noisily and with difficulty:

  - (of a ship) roll or pitch heavily:

  - (of a woman in childbirth) be in labor:


task, job, chore, undertaking, mission, commission, assignment, workers, employees, workmen, workforce, staff, hands, laborers, proletariat, manpower, personnel, liveware, management, childbirth, birth, birthing, delivery, nativity, contractions, parturition, confinement, accouchement, childbed, travail, toil, struggle, strive, overwork, drudge, travail, moil, rest, relax, laze, strive, struggle, endeavor, work, fight, push, lurch, plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, pitchpole, Legal

"Labours" Example Sentences

1. She labours tirelessly for the betterment of her community.
2. The horse labours to carry the heavy load up the hill.
3. The writer labours over every word to ensure perfection.
4. The construction workers spent months labouring to build the skyscraper.
5. The woman labours for hours to give birth to her child.
6. The farmer labours in the fields all day.
7. The artist labours over every brush stroke to create a masterpiece.
8. The team labours to overcome their opponents in the championship game.
9. The factory worker labours on the assembly line for hours.
10. The gardener labours to create a beautiful garden.
11. The chef labours to create delicious dishes for the restaurant.
12. The athlete labours to become the best in their sport.
13. The researcher labours for years to make a groundbreaking discovery.
14. The miner labours in the dangerous mines to extract valuable minerals.
15. The tailor labours to create a custom-fitted suit.
16. The musician labours to perfect their performance for the concert.
17. The doctor labours to save the life of their patient in critical condition.
18. The teacher labours to educate the next generation of leaders.
19. The firefighter labours to put out the raging inferno.
20. The soldier labours to defend their country in times of war.
21. The astronaut labours to survive in the harsh conditions of space.
22. The entrepreneur labours to start and grow a successful business.
23. The parent labours to raise and provide for their children.
24. The activist labours to bring about social change.
25. The volunteer labours to make a positive impact on their community.
26. The athlete labours through grueling workouts to prepare for competition.
27. The artist labours to express their emotions and subconscious through their art.
28. The scientist labours to uncover the mysteries of the natural world.
29. The police officer labours to maintain law and order in their community.
30. The author labours to create a compelling narrative that captivates their readers.

Common Phases

1. The labours of Hercules were legendary; he completed twelve impossible tasks.
2. The labours of farming are never done; there is always something that needs tending or fixing.
3. The labours of childbirth are strenuous; women need plenty of rest and support afterward.
4. The labours of construction can be hazardous; workers need to take safety precautions to avoid injuries.
5. The labours of writing a novel are tedious; it takes time and effort to craft a compelling story.
6. The labours of cooking a gourmet meal are time-consuming; but the end result is worth it.
7. The labours of preparing for a marathon are exhausting; runners need to train for months to build up their endurance.
8. The labours of academic research are demanding; scholars must devote long hours to their studies to produce quality work.

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