Link example sentences

Related (5): connection, relationship, association, tie, bond

"Link" Example Sentences

1. The program will link the two databases together.
2. Please click the download link below to get the latest version.
3. There appears to be no link between the suspect and the victim.
4. Researchers are trying to determine what genetic link exists between the disease and certain genetic markers.
5. The new discovery has opened up new chains of inquiry and possible links in the evolutionary process.
6. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
7. We must find ways to link education and training with the needs of the economy.
8. Education can serve as an important link between generations.
9. I had to relink my mouse after the battery died.
10. I texted him the web link to sign up for the event.
11. The network links all the computers together.
12. Vision and memory are closely linked in humans.
13. His efforts have linked conservation with sustainable development.
14. My social media accounts are all linked to each other.
15. The report seeks to link science with social studies.
16. The teacher wanted to link the historical event to current affairs.
17. The website has direct links to company job listings.
18. This information could potentially link the suspect to the crime.
19. The teacher sought to link the lesson to real-world experiences.
20. The company hopes the new product will link education and entertainment.
21. Could you please send me the YouTube link to that video?
22. His research seeks to closely link culture with climate changes.
23. The article provides useful links to relevant studies.
24. I tried to link business strategies with customer needs.
25. The copy machine was giving an error to check the ink links.
26. Infrastructure projects aim to link cities with better roads and rails.
27. The history book seeks to link historical events with the present.
28. They are trying to link her attendance at the party with the crime.
29. Please provide some links to relevant news stories on this topic.
30. The cable connected the two computer systems and linked them together.
31. The bridge will link the two sides of the river.
32. Researchers are trying to establish a definite link between smoking and lung cancer.
33. His research tries to closely link culture and climate change.
34. Electronic health records aim to link all patient data together securely.
35. The teacher tried to link the lesson to her students' lives.
36. Our analysis seeks to link customer needs with product features.
37. Scientists aim to link the study of the mind with that of the brain.
38. Could you send me the livestream link to watch the event online?
39. The new highway will provide an important link between the two cities.
40. The project tries to link development aid with social entrepreneurship.
41. Their research seeks to clearly link smoking with health issues.
42. The report tries to link economic growth with environmental sustainability.
43. Education and jobs form an essential link in society.
44. The email was signed with his name and LinkedIn URL.
45. The LinkedIn connection allowed them to network professionally.
46. There appears to be no definitive link between the two incidents.
47. Experts are trying to establish a clear link between diet and diabetes.
48. Artificial intelligence aims to link machines with human intelligence.
49. The lecture tried to link history with current events.
50. The project seeks to closely link conservation with development.
51. The new highway will provide an important link between the towns.
52. Companies aim to link customer data and usage patterns with sales.
53. Researchers seek to clearly link climate change with human activity.
54. The teacher tried to link the lesson to students' real-world experiences.
55. The news article provides links to several relevant sources.
56. Politicians often try to link their opponents with unpopular policies.
57. The article provides useful online links for further reading.
58. Researchers aim to closely link smoking to serious health issues.
59. I tried to link my business strategies with customer needs.
60. Schools aim to link curriculum with real-world challenges and opportunities.

Common Phases

1. The missing link
2. Chain is only as strong as its weakest link
3. Break the link
4. Establish a link
5. Forge a link
6. Form a link
7. Provide a link
8. There appears to be no link
9. Close link
10. Clear link
11. Definite link
12. Direct link
13. Possible link
14. Vital link
15. Online link
16. Web link
17. LinkedIn connection
18. Linked together
19. Link up
20. Strongly linked

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