Lopsided example sentences

Related (5): Asymmetrical, unbalanced, disproportionate, uneven, one-sided.


[ˈläpˌsīdəd] ✕ Play

lopsided (adjective) · lop-sided (adjective)

  - with one side lower or smaller than the other:

  - disproportionately weighted in favor of one side over another:


asymmetrical, unsymmetrical, uneven, unbalanced, unequal, askew, skew, skewed, squint, tilted, tilting, crooked, sloping, slanted, aslant, awry, even, level, balanced, Legal

"Lopsided" Example Sentences

1. The lopsided smile made him seem friendly yet mischievous.
2. His lopsided grin grew with each joke he told.
3. The table wobbled on its uneven, lopsided legs.
4. Her hair fell lopsided across her face as she woke up.
5. The lopsided cake looked like it would topple over at any moment.
6. The knitting project turned out lopsided and crooked.
7. The drawers were stuck at odd angles due to the lopsided dresser.
8. The lopsided ponytail made her look like she just rolled out of bed.
9. His lopsided paintings always gave her joy to look at.
10. The lopsided pyramid sculpture seemed off balance.
11. The lopsided frame hung crookedly on the wall.
12. The lopsided hedge looked more country than manicured.
13. Their argument led to a lopsided relationship with one partner lacking power.
14. The teetering stack of books formed a lopsided tower on the desktop.
15. Her lopsided shrug made him chuckle.
16. The lopsided roof tiles slowly slid to one side.
17. The lopsided arrangement of furniture gave the room a higgledy-piggledy feel.
18. His attempts at DIY ended up with shoddy, lopsided shelves.
19. The lopsided garage door refused to close properly.
20. The lopsided wreath looked more like a wonky smiley face than a decoration.
21. The lopsided paper chain fell to one side rather than hanging straight.
22. Her lopsided stance showed her balance issues.
23. The shaggy, lopsided haircut made him seem youthful and carefree.
24. The lopsided football formation left gaps in their defense.
25. His lopsided attempts at DIY left uneven walls and wonky framesl.
26. The lopsided snowman seemed to be falling to one side.
27. The lopsided box barely stayed together during transport.
28 The lopsided coffin lid made a mockery of the funeral.
29. Her lopsided smile gave her a sense of endearing eccentricity.
30. They found humor in the lopsided deck of cards that refused to shuffle properly.
31. The lopsided pyramid threatened to collapse at any moment.
32. The lopsided tent pole refused to go in straight.
33. His lopsided grin gave him a charmingly crooked appearance.
34. The lopsided landscape painting made his shaky hand evident.
35. The lopsided sofa made sitting on it precarious.
36. The lopsided bird's nest look like it would fall at any moment.
37. The lopsided match score indicated a easy victory.
38. The lopsided load in the washing machine caused it to wobble out of balance.
39. The lopsided structure appeared in danger of falling down.
40. The lopsided arrangement of lights cast shadows in strange ways.
41. The lopsided histogram showed a large skew in the data.
42. The lopsided statue stood at an odd angle.
43. His lopsided grin gave him a mischievous air.
44. The lopsided bicycle tire made the ride bumpy and wobbly.
45. The lopsided layout left gaps and white space in odd places.
46. The lopsided fixture refused to hang straight on the wall.
47. The lopsided fence bowed in the middle.
48. The lopsided score caused them to review their tactics.
49. The lopsided distribution of wealth caused social problems.
50. The lopsided pie chart was hard to interpret correctly.
51. The lopsided vase kept tipping over.
52. The lopsided banner sagged on one end.
53. Her lopsided grin made him laugh in return.
54. The lopsided avalanche tumbled unevenly downhill.
55. The lopsided result led to accusations of cheating.
56. The lopsided bread was conspicuously misshapen.
57. Her lopsided smile brightened his day.
58. The lopsided hat sat at a jaunty angle on her head.
59. The lopsided shingles left gaps for water to seep through.
60. The lopsided packaging spilled the contents during shipping.

Common Phases

lopsided deal/agreement/contract - A deal that unfairly favors one party.
Example: The CEO signed a lopsided deal that favored the supplier over the company's own interests.
lopsided result/outcome - A result or outcome that is disproportionately one-sided.
Example: The lopsided result of the election left the opposition party with very little power.
lopsided balance/distribution - An imbalance or unequal distribution that favors one part more than others.
Example: There was a lopsided balance of power between the management and the workers.
lopsided advantage - An advantage that is much greater than normal.
Example: Their opponents had a lopsided advantage due to the home field.
lopsided match/contest - A match or contest where one side has a much greater chance of winning.
Example: The youth team faced a lopsided match against the professional players.
lopsided relationship - A relationship where one partner has significantly more power or influence.
Example: Their relationship became progressively more lopsided as he became more dependent on her.
lopsided arrangement/set up - An arrangement or setup that favors one side disproportionally.
Example: The travel reimbursement policy resulted in a lopsided arrangement favoring executives.
lopsided figures/statistics - Figures or statistics that are unevenly distributed in favor of one category.
Example: The lopsided figures showed that men were promoted far more often than women.
lopsided Load/burden - A load or burden that one party has to carry disproportionately more of.
Example: Parents often complain that mothers carry the lopsided load when it comes to parenting duties.
lopsided angle/viewpoint - An angle or viewpoint that is biased or prejudiced.
Example: His complaints had the tone of someone with a lopsided angle on the situation.

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