Masses example sentences

Related (10): crowd, multitude, throng, mob, horde, swarm, assembly, congregation, flock, gathering

"Masses" Example Sentences

1. The people gathered in the masses.
2. The crowd swelled to massive proportions.
3. The concert attracted huge crowds and masses of fans.
4. The screening hall was filled to capacity with masses of moviegoers.
5. The political rally drew enormous masses of supporters.
6. The masses flocked to see the wonders of the carnival.
7. The parade marched through the city streets watched by enormous masses.
8. The class studied the history and impact of the masses on revolutions.
9. Leaders must appeal to the will of the widest possible masses.
10. Social media allows instant communication with the global masses.
11. The voice of the masses should not be ignored.
12. The masses demand radical change.
13. The stadium opened its gates to allow the endless masses of fans to enter.
14. The protest attracted enormous masses of people from all walks of life.
15. The news spread like wildfire through the virtual masses on social media.
16. There is power in organizing the masses.
17. The radio transmission reached the vast listening masses.
18. The cause resonated with the liberal masses.
19. The masses clamored for reform and change.
20. The journalist gained fame by speaking truth to the powerful masses.
21. The movement gained momentum as it attracted greater masses.
22. The powerful elite rule while keeping the unwashed masses in check.
23. Radio and television allow the speaker to reach the ears of the vast masses.
24. The advertisement campaign aimed to reach the widest possible consumer masses.
25. The rock concert attracted massive crowds of adoring teen and young masses.
26. The attention of the masses is fleeting.
27. The rise of social media gave a voice to the previously ignored global masses.
28. Leaders must persuade and mobilize the disorganized masses.
29. The political reforms aimed to reach and appeal to the widest voting masses.
30. The wealth of the nation is produced by the laboring masses.
31. Over time, the masses gain more rights and influence.
32. The firebrand speaker knew how to inflame the passions of the listening masses.
33. The huge shopping mall caters to the retail demands of the local consumer masses.
34. Education is seen as a means of enlightening the wider public masses.
35. The wealthy class lives separate from the lower working masses.
36. The industrialist accumulated wealth off the labor of the working masses.
37. The oil spill devastated the natural habitat and livelihoods of the fishing masses.
38. The rise of populism aims to give political power back to the common masses.
39. Populists claim to speak for the forgotten working masses.
40. Leaders must convince the skeptical global masses of the threat of climate change.
41. The resistant intellectual opposes the demands and ideas of the unthinking masses.
42. The spread of technology allows small groups to reach the virtual global masses.
43. The festival attracted huge crowds and reveling masses.
44. Workers of the world unite as one against the exploiting capitalist masses!
45. The corporate advertisements aim to hype and manage the consuming desires of the masses.
46. The clutter of advertisements competes for the limited attention of the consumer masses.
47. Workers united in solidarity to demand better wages and conditions from the profiting elites and masses.
48. The rise of democracy aimed to give political power to the widest possible voting masses.
49. The unqualified expertise of the masses threatens to undermine established knowledge.
50. The revolution aims to redistribute wealth from the hands of the few into the greater masses.
51. Mass communication technologies allow messages to reach farther than ever before.
52. Global cooperation is needed to solve challenges facing the planet and global masses.
53. Public opinion swings with the shifting whims of the uninformed masses.
54. While slow to change, the tides of history ultimately favor the enlightened masses.
55. Social movements organize to give voice and power to the otherwise neglected masses.
56. The agitator worked to stir rebellion in the discontented masses.
57. The uniform consumption patterns show how advertising manipulates the desires of the masses.
58. The economic policies aim to raise the standard of living for the widest possible masses.
59. With knowledge comes the power to change and empower the wider global masses.
60. Leaders must have the skill and charisma to move and inspire the unorganized masses.

Common Phases

speak to the masses - address a large audience of common people
appeal to the masses - create something that is attractive to a large number of average people
the masses - the general public, common people
mobilize the masses - organize a large group of people for a common purpose
galvanize the masses - inspire and rouse a large group of people into action
manipulate the masses - exert control over or influence a large group of people
educate the masses - provide education or information to the average person
inform the masses - deliver news or information to the general public
the voice of the masses - the collective opinion or will of the general public
and the voiceless masses - referring to underrepresented or marginalized groups within society
the unwashed masses - a disparaging reference to common people considered unsophisticated
uplift the masses - aim to raise the intellectual, moral, or socioeconomic status of average people
dumb down for the masses - simplify ideas or content in order to appeal to a broad audience
the rule of the masses - the idea of direct government by public opinion rather than representatives
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