Moil example sentences

Related (10): agitation, tumult, commotion, turbulence, unrest, upheaval, bustle, flurry, ado, stir


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moil (verb) · moils (third person present) · moiled (past tense) · moiled (past participle) · moiling (present participle)

  - work hard:

  - move around in confusion or agitation:

  - hard work; drudgery.

  - turmoil; confusion:


labor, drudge, travail, rest, relax, laze, toiling, labor, slaving, struggle, effort, exertion, application, industry, grind, slog, drudgery, travail, confusion, turbulence, tumult, disorder, commotion, disturbance, agitation, ferment, unrest, trouble, disruption, upset, convulsions, chaos, mayhem, pandemonium, bedlam, uproar, uncertainty, coil, calm, peace

"Moil" Example Sentences

1. The ocean was in a constant state of moil as the storm raged on.
2. The ants were in a frenzy of moil, scurrying back and forth in search of food.
3. His thoughts were in a moil of confusion as he tried to make sense of the situation.
4. The coffee shop was a moil of activity as customers rushed in and out.
5. The construction site was a moil of dust and debris as workers hammered and drilled.
6. The chase through the forest was a moil of twisting branches and fallen leaves.
7. The market was a moil of colors, smells, and sounds as vendors shouted their wares.
8. The river was a moil of swirling water as it rushed over the rocks.
9. The kitchen was a moil of activity as the chefs prepared the meal.
10. The factory was a moil of machines and workers as they churned out products.
11. The party was a moil of dancing, drinking, and laughter.
12. The soldiers were in a moil of preparation, getting ready for battle.
13. The kitchenette was a moil of utensils and ingredients as she began to cook.
14. The festival was a moil of music, dancing, and food.
15. The film set was a moil of lights, cameras, and action.
16. The laboratory was a moil of beakers, test tubes, and experiments.
17. The hospital was a moil of doctors, nurses, and patients.
18. The market was a moil of haggling and bargaining as customers and vendors tried to get the best deal.
19. The amusement park was a moil of screams and excitement on the rollercoaster.
20. The office was a moil of typing, talking, and ringing phones.
21. The game was a moil of strategy and competition as the players battled it out.
22. The concert was a moil of cheering and singing along with the band.
23. The protest was a moil of signs and chants as the marchers made their voices heard.
24. The classroom was a moil of learning as the teacher imparted knowledge to the students.
25. The park was a moil of children playing and laughing on the swings and slides.
26. The airport was a moil of travelers rushing to catch their flights.
27. The gym was a moil of sweat and hard work as the athletes trained.
28. The fashion show was a moil of models, clothing, and runway changes.
29. The library was a moil of quiet studying as students pored over their books.
30. The art gallery was a moil of appreciation as people admired the paintings and sculptures.

Common Phases

1. Moil and toil;
2. Working with moil and sweat;
3. Moil is the price of success;
4. I need to moil harder to reach my goal;
5. Moil is what separates the winners from the losers;
6. Success is achieved through moil and determination;
7. Moil is the only path to success;
8. It takes moil to achieve one's dreams;
9. Put your heart and soul into moil;
10. Without moil, there can be no gain.

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