Monarchy example sentences

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"Monarchy" Example Sentences

1. The monarchy in England goes back centuries.
2. Many people in the UK want to abolish the monarchy.
3. The monarchy of Bhutan is unique in its approach to measuring happiness.
4. The Thai monarchy is deeply revered by its people.
5. North Korea's government is a de-facto monarchy.
6. The end of the French monarchy led to the French Revolution.
7. The monarchy in Spain has been re-established since the end of Franco's regime.
8. The Saudi Arabian monarchy has come under criticism for its human rights record.
9. The Kingdom of Tonga still has an absolute monarchy.
10. The Scandinavian monarchies have limited powers, serving primarily symbolic roles.
11. The Japanese monarchy is the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world.
12. The Brunei monarchy is known for its extravagant displays of wealth.
13. The Monaco monarchy is one of the smallest in the world but also one of the wealthiest.
14. Jordan's monarchy has maintained relative stability in the Middle East region.
15. The Nepalese monarchy was abolished in 2008 after a decade-long civil war.
16. The Dutch monarchy is often described as down-to-earth.
17. The Swedish monarchy is known for its strong tradition of gender equality.
18. The British monarchy plays a significant role in the country's tourism industry.
19. The Absolute Monarchy period in France lasted from the 16th to the 18th century.
20. The Belgian monarchy has undergone significant reforms in recent years.
21. The Vatican City is the world's smallest monarchy.
22. The Spanish monarchy has faced strong calls for independence from Catalonia.
23. The Thai monarchy has been criticized for interfering in the country's politics.
24. The Kuwaiti monarchy played a major role in the country's development of its oil industry.
25. The Moroccan monarchy has been praised for its efforts to modernize the country.
26. The Cambodian monarchy was re-established in 1993 after years of instability.
27. The Jordanian monarchy is one of the few in the Middle East to have good relations with Israel.
28. The Liechtenstein monarchy is known for its progressive policies on social and environmental issues.
29. The Omani monarchy is one of the longest-serving in the Arab world.
30. The Swazi monarchy is known for its striking traditional dress and cultural festivals.

Common Phases

1. The monarchy in Great Britain dates back centuries; it is a symbol of tradition and stability.
2. The absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia has faced criticism for its human rights record; some argue that the country should transition to a democracy.
3. The popular Netflix series "The Crown" explores the personal and political struggles of the British monarchy; it has won critical acclaim for its performances and storytelling.
4. During the French Revolution, the monarchy was overthrown and replaced by a republic; this marked a significant shift in European politics and society.
5. The Thai monarchy is deeply revered by many in the country; criticism of the institution is often met with harsh punishment.

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