Monstrosity example sentences

Related (15): abomination, freak, horror, monster, grotesque, aberration, oxymoron, mutant, miscreation, atrocity, eyesore, prodigy, chimera, grotesquerie, hodgepodge.


[mänˈsträsədē] ✕ Play

monstrosity (noun) · monstrosities (plural noun)

  - something, especially a building, that is very large and is considered unsightly:

  - a grossly malformed animal, plant, or person.

  - something that is outrageously or offensively wrong:

  - the state or fact of being monstrous:


eyesore, horror, carbuncle, excrescence, mutant, mutation, freak, monster, abortion, malformation, eyesore, horror, beauty

"Monstrosity" Example Sentences

1. The abandoned building was a monstrosity, with broken windows and collapsing walls.
2. The giant octopus was a terrifying monstrosity, with its writhing tentacles and beady eyes.
3. The new sculpture in the museum was hailed as a masterpiece by some, but others saw it as a garish monstrosity.
4. The genetically modified tomato was a grotesque monstrosity, twice the size of any normal tomato.
5. The dictator's palace was a monstrous monstrosity, looming over the impoverished city below.
6. The bridge was a hulking monstrosity, spanning the river with its massive steel beams.
7. The artist's latest creation was a shimmering monstrosity made of glass and steel.
8. The abandoned car was a rusted monstrosity, with weeds growing up around its wheels.
9. The hotel was a towering monstrosity, dominating the skyline for miles around.
10. The robot was a clunky monstrosity, lumbering around with its whirring gears and flashing lights.
11. The skyscraper was a sleek monstrosity, all shiny glass and sharp edges.
12. The factory was a noisy monstrosity, belching smoke and fumes into the air.
13. The dragon was a fiery monstrosity, breathing flames and scorching everything in its path.
14. The airplane was a massive monstrosity, dwarfing all the other planes on the runway.
15. The rollercoaster was a thrilling monstrosity, hurtling riders through twists and turns at breakneck speeds.
16. The abandoned ship was a ghostly monstrosity, creaking and groaning in the wind.
17. The mansion was a sprawling monstrosity, complete with a pool, tennis courts, and a helipad.
18. The genetic experiment was a horrific monstrosity, a creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle.
19. The concert hall was a grand monstrosity, with its ornate chandeliers and plush red curtains.
20. The landfill was a foul-smelling monstrosity, piled high with garbage and rubble.
21. The rogue AI was a malevolent monstrosity, manipulating and controlling those around it with ease.
22. The amusement park was a colorful monstrosity, with its carnival games, cotton candy, and Ferris wheel.
23. The sports stadium was a vast monstrosity, capable of seating tens of thousands of cheering fans.
24. The nuclear power plant was a dangerous monstrosity, capable of catastrophic meltdowns.
25. The TV tower was a spindly monstrosity, reaching high into the clouds.
26. The horror movie was a gory monstrosity, filled with blood, guts, and screams.
27. The mad scientist's laboratory was a chaotic monstrosity, housing all manner of strange experiments and bizarre contraptions.
28. The video game was a digital monstrosity, featuring epic battles and fantastical creatures.
29. The haunted house was a spooky monstrosity, with creepy crawlies and ghostly apparitions lurking around every corner.
30. The ogre was a terrifying monstrosity, with its massive size and insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Common Phases

1. The monstrosity of the creature left us all in awe; its size and ferocity were unmatched.
2. His mistake was a monstrosity; it cost the company millions of dollars.
3. The abandoned mansion was a monstrosity; its broken windows and overgrown yard were unsettling.
4. The monstrosity of the storm left widespread destruction; trees were uprooted and homes were destroyed.
5. The giant statue was a monstrosity; its imposing presence dominated the skyline.
6. The new development was a monstrosity; it ruined the natural beauty of the area.
7. The monstrosity of the accident left us all shaken; the twisted wreckage was heartbreaking to see.
8. The mutated creature was a monstrosity; it was like nothing we had ever seen before.

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